Nesting Me

I had a hard time catching the “crafting bug” while wedding planning. Though I liked to look at the detailed projects some brides put together, I just couldn’t make myself get into them. Despite my attempts, I was mostly just annoyed at the tedium of “craft” projects.

“What am I missing?” I wondered.

What I was missing is that I’m not a crafty DIY’er. I’m a build-y DIY’er.  In my world, then, “nesting” becomes less about cleaning out closets and more about buying wood and getting time with the power tools.  We’re about halfway through building a fence (woo, hoo, yay, hubby), so I work my extra projects around Joey’s plans so as not to slow him down.

I picked up my paintbrush again, that thing I tend to do when I’m frustrated by work and need to get something (anything!) accomplished.  I (finally) finished painting the hallway bright white.  The crib has two coats of grassy green paint.

Today I’m building more cubbies.

And maybe even bookshelves.


Or painting the basement stair treads.  I’m thinking navy blue steps and grassy green treads. Will that work with creamy off-white (old, dirty) wallpaper walls? Let’s say yes!


All while sitting on my impatience that our kitchen still sucks but none of the things needing to be done can be DIY’d by a pregnant woman so again, I’ll have to wait for Joey’s time.

If this doesn’t let up soon, the (currently wood) trim had better look out. (Clearly I’m procrastinating the sewing projects I have backing up, eh?)


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