Fine. I give in.

My parents are now bypassing me entirely and trying to convince my husband to send pictures of my pregnant self to them. You guys have mentioned at least twice that I don’t post Pregnant Me pictures here.

I give up!

I’ll get my hubby to snap some pics sometime this week. Good excuse for a haircut, at least. Straggly and wavy but stylish and short-ish:


In my defense, I hated pictures of myself before I was pregnant. Those of you who followed me from Weddingbee might recall the dearth of photos then — until the pro photos because pro photogs make you look like the awesomest version of yourself and you just want to post them everywhere.

So keep an eye out.



Updated: no makeup, crazy hair, it’s blurry and I’m SO not into it, but here is one my suck-up husband took tonight to send to my parents.

Bright side: love the wall color. (That’s the nursery.)


13 thoughts on “Fine. I give in.

  1. You still look SO MUCH like you! I know that sounds weird because it is you after all but sometimes women change so much in looks when they’re pregnant and you still look like you šŸ™‚ I love the belly – and that color in the nursery is gorgeous. Love it!

    • @beka, Funny you should say that, Beka, because my husband says it all the time. I thought he was just trying to suck up, but maybe not? In fact, he was telling my parents that other than a slightly bigger butt and boobs (this comment got an arched eyebrow from me), I’m just me with a big belly.

      I’ll have to tell him you had a similar comment. And thanks for the compliments. šŸ™‚

  2. OK – I remember you making comments before about being/feeling big. I’m a girl prone to bloating, swelling, feeling like I have a fat face and can only imagine how I will feel/look when pregnant, so I was sympathetic.

    But you look amazing! Seriously. You’re so tiny! You arms look fantastic! You have the cutest little belly! Adorable! Why have you been holding out on us?!


  3. Agree with Courtney and everyone else! You look fantastic! Seriously! The weight is in your belly, and your face, arms, legs etc look so tiny! (Me, on the other hand, I seem to be one of those women that’s pregnant with my whole body – face, arms, thighs, bum, etc etc!)

  4. You look fantastic and just like you. Aside from the bigger boobs and the bump you still look like your super tiny non-pregnant self which is great. The best part is even though you say you are bloated you don’t have the fat pregnancy face at all. I hope that skips right past me too.

  5. Yay! You posted a pic! I’m so glad to see this because we’re at the same point in our pregnancies and our belly size is pretty similar. Everyone keeps telling me I’m tiny, so that means you’re tiny too! You look great! And I love that wall color. Can’t wait to see the whole nursery. I love the colors you’ve chosen!

  6. You look great!!!! I think the hair style will look fabulous on you too! Love the nursery color, can’t wait to see how it comes together.

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