Today was a very, very good day. While I’m hesitant to jinx it by talking too much about it (am I the only one who does this?), I will say that we have a signed lease from really neat people for our bonus house.


My husband is drinking a beer in the bathtub to celebrate and I’m… well, I celebrate by knocking on wood and trying not to jinx it.

We like them. We’d be friends with them if they weren’t renting from us. (Can you be friends with your tenants/ landlords? I tend to prefer more rigid boundaries, but hey…). And the house’s mortgage? Covered by someone else’s dollars, other people who are excited to be able to pay us to live in our house.


It often takes a moment — a milestone — for us to step back and be grateful. An averted disaster. An out-of-the-blue bit of positivity. But every single day that we’re together, that we get along, that our child is healthy and kicking the crap out of me and still inside ma belly? Every one of those days is worth being thankful for too.

We’re just extra thankful today to have one less mortgage to pay.


4 thoughts on “Grateful

  1. Great news!

    And I hope it’s possible to be friends with your tenants, because we have new soon-to-be-landlords that are totally cool and I kind of want to invite over for pizza and game night when we move in. Would that be weird?

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