Oh! Love!

From CinnamonInk’s shop on Etsy

Within two minutes, we’d purchased that print, we both loved it so much. Oh! Love! The figures remind me of the little boy from “Where the Wild Things Are” with his wild rumpus, and I love, love, love the idea that the little boy is so many things via his imagination.


I may have to buy this one now:


And if only this one had a little boy instead of a little girl in it, IT WOULD BE MINE, ALL MINE:


So adorable in a little reading nook above kiddo bookshelves. Swoon.

Might I point out I found, showed, clicked and bought my adorable little print so quickly, I didn’t even notice there was a sale? I. Didn’t. Notice. A. SALE.Β  Yuppers, 30% off.

If you love, you must buy.

Nope, nothing for me for going all ga-ga over these. No affiliate links, nada. Just pure enthusiasm because did you SEE those little boys all dressed up? Is this what hormones do to you? Because I looked at art for months and was mostly meh, and then this. *Happy sigh*

Update: I got these prints today and they are ADORABLE.


5 thoughts on “Oh! Love!

  1. Those prints are fantastic!
    I love the wall color in your nursery too. We went with a more traditional medium green, which I love, but I do have some major envy over some mold bold nursery choices, like the grey/yellow or blue/orange color combos.
    I loved pictures of myself when I was pregnant, especially when I was really starting to show. Now, not so much. My boobs are so big now that I feel like I look huge in pictures. I don’t see it so much in the mirror, but it’s hard for me to find a picture of myself that I like.
    You look awesome, by the way!

    • @Diana, I feel the same way about my boobs, actually. The rest of me isn’t so bad, but argh, how do you dress around ginormous boobs?

      So, I totally feel ya!

      What’s funny is that that dark wall color was the safe choice for me, because I’d already used it in our bedroom and loved it AND I originally got the paint color from Nicole at Making It Lovely. Funny how different “safe” seems to different people. πŸ™‚

  2. LOVE this etsy shop. Was forced to buy the one of the little girl feeding the hens (as our little one is nicknamed “Chicken”).

    • @cjm, Forced, huh? πŸ™‚ I totally understand that.

      She was nice enough to refund the money I would have saved if I’d put in the sale code… which of course I then turned around and used to buy another print. Ha!

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