Project (non-)updates

My to-do list looks almost exactly like it did months ago. It’s bumming me out. Yesterday I got annoyed and decided to knock out one line item: make cloth baby wipes. I’d made a few a while back and they’re easy but tedious.

Cut the 8″ squares, serge them together wrong side out (serging so I don’t have to press the seams flat), flip and flatten, topstitch on the regular sewing machine.

I bought a bunch of flannel months ago for about $2 a yard and can get about 8 wipes out of every yard, totaling about $0.25 a wipe for double-sided flannel wipes. Not bad! But oy, I forget how much I hate the process of sewing. Hate. I’m about halfway through finishing all 40+ wipes and my neck and upper back are killing me.


The crib is still on the back porch waiting for my husband to put a couple of coats of polyurethane on it after two+ coats of paint. Unfortunately (or fortunately), my husband is rather busy single-handedly building a fence (just the slats left!) so this isn’t at the top of his priority list.

I’m now debating forking over the moolah for low-VOC poly (an oxymoron if I ever heard one) so I can finish the crib myself:


We didn’t have a good experience with the water-based poly we used on our floors, unfortunately, as it wasn’t as impermeable as we’d hoped. The floors scratch easily, fluids seep into the wood, and it’s just not as shiny as we’d expected.  Bummer.

Bright side: low-VOC’s gotta be good in general, right? I wasn’t too worked up about putting regular polyurethane on the crib. Crib teething protectors will keep the kiddo from doing too much damage and c’mon, if he wanted to chew on furniture, we have plenty of vintage stuff around the house that is probably (surely) finished in the real stuff, ya know?  Keeping brain cells intact is a good thing for all of us, though, husbands included.


I made a crib sheet (finally) and while it’s really cute, it doesn’t quite fit correctly. ARGH. I’ll post pics and links later, but if you’re going the DIY crib sheet route, do measure your mattress, mark your fabric and test-fit before cutting four of the suckers.

I am quite proud, however, of my fabric strategy: I bought a flat twin sheet from Wal-mart for $5 and got two crib sheets out of every one. Score! *thumbing my nose at the $30 crib sheet industry craziness*


I got a surprise bonus at work, completely out of the blue.  My boss pinged with a cryptic, “Can I call you right now?” and after I made a stupid comment, proceeded to tell me how appreciated I am and effective I’ve been, and that he and his boss wanted to show me in a tangible way.

Flashback two hours: I ignore a phone call on my cell from a Seattle number because I’m on a conference call, but can’t check my voicemail to see who it was (long story). When I blindly redial, I get the business GM on the phone (oops). She was just back from vacation but wanted to take a few minutes to reach out and tell me how impressed she was by my impact and effectiveness over the past year, thoughtfulness in planning for maternity leave, and to ask me how I was feeling and doing.

mind = blown

So, when my boss called to tell me about the bonus, the context of the earlier call snapped into place. Can I say just one more time how much I love the corporation I work for? My business has (frustrating, head-banging, makes-me-want-to-throw-something) problems, but the mothership company is pretty freaking awesome. Concurrently with me telling them I’ll be unavailable for ten weeks (good luck, my team is awesome!), they’re giving me a thousand dollars and telling me I’m doing a great job.

*happy sigh*

Now I get to figure out how to spend the money (which isn’t money, exactly, but rather a big honking gift certificate to any one of a handful of places like Lowe’s or Amazon).  I got one for $500 about a month ago that we used for fence supplies via a $250 Lowe’s gift card and miscellaneous (as-yet unpurchased) baby supplies via a $250 Amazon card.  I was going to buy a new camera lens but decided to actually use the equipment I have first, so now I don’t know… kitchen reno stuff?


We almost bought a boat this weekend but passed on it, then immediately regretted it. Vintage, great condition, very Griswold-ish. I’d wear high-waisted shorts and mirrored aviators; my husband would wear too-short swim trunks and be very Chevy Chase.

But, we passed, and are now deep in the throes of online searching for the perfect vintage boat. Because we are lunatics.  How does one even secure an infant on a boat? Apparently strapping him into a car seat is a bad idea, but so is him flying out of the boat when we hit a wake. More researching is needed, clearly.

It is great fun to think about how we’ll raise our kid. We know we want him to spend quite a bit of time on the water, hence the craziness of the boat search. (Well, that and we’re lunatics.)


Enough of the random Monday post. Happy Monday! (Pics of various projects later.)



9 thoughts on “Project (non-)updates

  1. I’ve been reading your blog for a while now, but never commented, but when I saw that you are making your own crib sheets, I was very intrigued. Where did you get your pattern? I would love to try to attempt to make my own crib sheets. The price of them is completely RIDICULOUS!!!

  2. Have you considered Mod Podge for your crib sealant? I used it on the changing table I built, and a vintage tv I re-purposed into a bookcase and painted. You have to let it cure properly so you don’t have any peeling issues, and I can’t vouch for the long-term wear, but it’s 100% non-toxic and I’m pretty sure I’ve gotten a splash in my mouth from time to time. I love me some Mod Podge! Oh, and my husband decided to buy a boat during my gestation period as well. It’s teeny weeny, but will be big enough to carry the three of us and do a little slow toobing. Not too shabby!

    • @Brooke, Huh, I’ve never used Mod Podge. I will now go Google.

      We’re looking at little tiny boats too. How do you secure your baby in the boat? I’m thinking that putting him in an infant vest and then wearing him would be safest, but ugg, the layers of heat!

      • @Marisa, How did I never know about Mod Podge? Wow! I’m going to run out to buy some Hard Coat tonight and save myself the aggravation of waiting on my husband and him a few brain cells.

        Also, duh, of course you haven’t already secured your baby in the boat, you haven’t had her yet (duh, duh). Sorry. We should trade notes on how quickly one can take an infant on a boat and how to keep said infant safe (and inside the boat), etc, etc.

      • @Marisa, Hahaha! Yeah, I still have roughly 9 weeks to go before I have to worry about babies on boats. We have a Carolina Skiff, which is pretty much a pure fishing boat, and it doesn’t have any sides. So, I’m thinking I’ll have to wear my little munchkin while the boat is in motion? I don’t know. But I’m so glad you’ve discovered the ‘podge! It’s literally the best thing ever, I use it at least a few times a month. I never knew about the Hard Coat stuff though! Will have to invest in a bottle

  3. OK, I’m lazy as heck and I’ll admit it and if you can’t bear doing things this way, good for you, but on the cloth baby wipes, I would just serge all four edges together right sides out and be done with it. No turning, pressing, or topstitching. If your regular serger thread seems a little rough, you can get the woolly nylon thread (I think that’s what it’s called) – it’s a lot softer. My grandmom made baby blankets that way and they were lovely.

    Like I said, I’m lazy, the thought of you sewing all those wipes makes me tired, and that’s what I personally would do to make my life easier. I’m so excited for you.

    • @tirzah, I was going to ask why you don’t just serge the edges of a single piece of flannel instead of doing double-thickness — I haven’t made my own wipes yet because I don’t yet own a serger, but the pack I bought is just serged flannel, one layer. (I also use dollar store baby washcloths — they’re not as good for poopy diapers because they aren’t very big, but if you don’t mind using more than one for a diaper change they’re not bad and they’re also about 25 cents each.)

      • @Erin, Good questions, both of you, but it’s mostly because it seemed easier at the time to do them this way than to figure out how to rethread my serger for a rolled hem. 🙂 Clearly I was wrong.

        Bright side: halfway! (Also, NEVER AGAIN.)

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