Drive-by post: DIY crib sheets

I used this tutorial to make the (one) crib sheet I’ve made so far. I bought twin-sized flat sheets from Walmart for five bucks which were just about the exact size to make two. That said, they were short on length by two inches and I forgot to account for that when I cut the corners for the mattress pockets – argh. Generally, though? Easy peasy!


I bought Mod Podge Hard Coat (for furniture) today, am going to try it out on the crib so that my husband maintains as many of his brain cells as he can and I don’t have to wait for him to finish the crib. Looks like it’ll be pretty easy except for the part where it has to cure for FOUR WEEKS to be as hard as possible. WTF? Oh, well. I think I have four weeks.


Prenatal visit this morning, week 33: I’m so healthy and normal I don’t have to go back for another three weeks (not two, as I expected). This is great, I thought, since it’s a pain to drive there, but then I realized that in three weeks I’ll be at 36 weeks and THAT’S ONLY FOUR WEEKS FROM FULL-TERM OHMYGOD. Yea, cue the minor internal panic attack.

The midwife said I’m measuring right on the midpoint of normal (33 units of measurement for 33 weeks) but that given how much the baby is moving, he’s on the small side of average. Yay! To be clear, I’m not rooting for a small baby, exactly, given the correlation between birth weight and all sorts of other things, but the small side of average works great for me, thankyouverymuch. He is super duper amazingly active, like a very small (hopefully cute) alien. With hiccups.

In other great news, I’m maintaining my weight, having only gained a half pound since my last visit three weeks ago. I’m told this is perfectly fine and normal and good, especially since it keeps me at +26.2 pounds to-date. Clearly they don’t consider “how much arm cellulite I have” an indicator of anything medical.


One thought on “Drive-by post: DIY crib sheets

  1. They should consider the arm cellulite factor! I’m 38 weeks. It has finally hit the 90 degree mark here in Northern Cali. I’m wearing sleeves… Enough said. 😉

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