Heavens, will the shopping never end?

Getting ready to have a baby is like packing for a vacation to an unknown, faraway land… on steroids. The lists of things to have (or not have, depending who you ask) are lengthy, the questions many, and the research? Oy.  However, I am now just short of 6 weeks until B-Day (assuming he isn’t early) and, well, I’ll spare you the mini-panic attack.

Sure, there are stores on this post-baby planet, but given my stressed out experience with the days leading up to our wedding, I’m opting for to be over-prepared rather than under.

So I consider it a significant milestone to be almost finally hopefully just this side of FINISHED WITH THE ORDERING OF BABY PARAPHERNALIA. An Amazon gift certificate courtesy of a thank you from work just bought waterproof crib pads, a night light, diaper washing soap, diaper pail liners, a nursing pillow and a really big water bottle.

This doesn’t include repetitive purchases, for which I am devising a plan. (I have a p-p-p-plan.) The plan involves Amazon Prime Subscribe & Save (free two-day shipping plus 15% off!) and an automated schedule for stuff we’d normally buy at Walmart or Sam’s Club, and someday I might actually pull the trigger and get it all started.

I hate Walmart and Sam’s Club because I am an uncomfortable combination of impulse buyer (“Oooh, I could use that!”) and cheapskate (“But it’s not on the list!”). Inevitably I don’t buy something I do need while buying a bunch of stuff I don’t. Oy. Sam’s Club is even worse; the post-purchase remorse I feel after going through that place is embarrassing, never mind the always frantic need to find pantry space for the nine gallons of olive oil or fifteen boxes of tuna.

Side note: shopping with my husband is like shopping with a five-year old, one who can’t be told to just “take that out of the cart because I said so.”

My goal, therefore, is to have the stuff we need delivered somewhat regularly so that we don’t end up on a midnight run to Walmart for toilet paper only to return with $200 worth of stuff — useful stuff, sure, but unplanned useful stuff. Normal people probably don’t find this to be as miserable as I do, I get it, but I totally 100% do.

I’ve finally finished the remaining baby wipes (which surprisingly only took about 20 minutes once I resigned myself to doing them), signed up for a breastfeeding class (tonight!), bugged my neighbor (who has an 8-week old) with a thousand questions (update: mittens are not necessary, you can use baby socks) and have begun a list of stuff to buy once at Walmart (since I don’t want to buy a thousand of a certain type of milk storage bags until I know I like them).

I have ideas percolating for what the grandparents can be doing while we are finishing up our super speed stay at the birth center (you know, that mean they’re not watching me try to breastfeed AT the birth center), so more on that soon. Oh, and I’ve officially outgrown the length of my tank tops. Bummer you can’t buy Old Navy tank tops via Amazon Prime’s free two-day shipping!

Perhaps we’ll get the nursery set up once we replace the crib bolts I lost. Yup, took special care to put them in a little plastic baggie and then someplace really freaking safe. So safe, in fact, we can’t find them. *sigh*


2 thoughts on “Heavens, will the shopping never end?

  1. If you’re Sam’s Club members, sign up (it’s free) for Click ‘n Pull ordering. It’s a pain the first time but once you have your list saved, it’s a snap. You click through the categories to find your stuff, order the cart, they pull it that night when the store closes (if you place your order by 5 p.m. I think) and it’s in a cart, ready to go by customer service the next morning. You take the piece of paper through the regular check out line instead of the cart, they scan the barcode, pay and grab your cart/leave. You don’t even have to set foot in the real part of the store. They have a freezer for groceries if you order anything frozen/refrigerated and the entire cart just fits in. I adore the process as it saves time, energy and the pain of watching a cashier scan every item.
    Hope that helps!

  2. If you’re not already an Amazon Prime member, before you sign up consider Amazon Mom. Signing up gets you 3 free months of prime, and for every $25 you spend in the baby store you get an additional month.

    Also, regarding the milk storage — if no one has suggested this to you yet, freeze them flat. No one told me to do that, and it was 2 months before I figured it out and when you freeze them standing upright they take up SO MUCH MORE SPACE. Now I just freeze flat and stick them in a big Gladware thing and I can store so many more of them. (Also, write on the bag how many ounces are in it. Even if you freeze them upright, you can’t rely on the bag’s measurements. There were times when it looked like I had 5 ounces when I knew for a fact I’d only managed to pump 3.)

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