An adventure!


We bought a new (to us) car Saturday. My husband suddenly realized last week that his beloved (low to the ground, stiff suspension, no interior, tight-handling) Civic wouldn’t work to cart a kid around. Never mind the lack of back seats, it was shaking the baby he was worried about. Whatever, I support any practical decision-making on his part.

So, he sold the Civic (and it got a very good home) and bought a used Subaru Outback and now (apparently) we’re the kind of people who feel the need to take their dogs on Adventures!


Beau loves the car rides and rides joyously; Indy, not so much.


We went to the nature center on the hiking trails to the old quarry (which is now more like a lake).



Freedom in 5…4…3…2…. They behave pretty well off-leash and there was nobody around so they got some freedom.

Oy, I still have six more weeks of growth to go.


The new car was a hit, as was the adventure. Now we just have to remember to wipe the drool Beau so joyously shook everywhere off the windows.


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