After 5 days with no power (literally, not just organizationally, wocka wocka), our lights and air conditioner and laptops are finally working again.

Oh, blessed electricity.

We saw two movies (Bridesmaids: good; Midnight in Paris: okay), sat around, sweated, didn’t sleep much, lamented all the things we couldn’t do because our power tools/ sewing machine/ dishwasher/ etc, etc didn’t work: build a fence/ make crib sheets/ clean up the kitchen. (We failed to remember that we could wash dishes by hand, apparently.)

This morning my husband and a neighbor went on a long (loooong) mountain bike ride and because he stomps like a bear at 5 in the morning, I was up early. What did I do with my lovely morning? I went to Walmart to buy the (theoretically) last of the stuff we need for our post-baby lives.

Crap, having a baby means buying a lot of stuff. And I’m not talking about “stuff to create a great nursery” kind of stuff.  Oh, ho, ho, no. I mean “stuff you have to have to keep the kid’s face and butt sanitary” and “stuff a new mom needs to survive the post-birth trauma” like maxi pads and loose yoga pants and an extra set of sheets for the bed.

Gah, I hate Walmart.

Then we went on another adventure through scenic Cades Cove (lots of people gawking at deer while NOT FOLLOWING THE RULES LIKE DON’T STOP IN THE ROAD WHEN YOU SEE A DEER) and to the river with the dogs. ‘Twas long and interrupted by work junk – except for the two hours during which we had no cell phone reception, a situation I did not realize was still possible.

Anyway, back online! (And apparently writing bad stream-of-consciousness posts again.)


3 thoughts on “BACK!

  1. Oh my goodness, you poor thing – I do NOT do no air conditioning when it is hot outside. It makes me crankier than you could imagine, STAT!

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