Nesting, schmesting

I’m guessing I’m down to like four regular readers given the boring-ness of the All Baby All the Time channel I have going here, not to mention the deterioration of my writing. Goodbye, thoughtful essay format.  Hello, stream of consciousness brain dumping.


Back on the All Baby All the Time channel…

A box of crib bolts arrived today. Hallelujah! I had no backup plan. Super glue, maybe? But they showed up and we put the crib back together and all is well. Well, except for the awkwardly fitting crib sheets because I shorted the long ends by about an inch when I cut them so as not to have to rip the hems out of the twin-sized sheets I was using. Oh, well.

But the nursery is coming together! Finally!

(Not that this means this kid should come early, Mr. Kiddo. You stay in there. August is a much better birthday month than July.)

Please don’t tell him this is not true; July is a great birthday month (but we don’t want him to come early). It’s my birthday month! In 20-ish days I’ll be 32… an actual grown-up age. I’d always wanted to be 31 and it turned out to be a great year (well, in retrospect; being pregnant for most of it was quite the adjustment). The next ages I always wanted to be were 33 and 34. That just leaves 32 to get through but I think it’ll be a good, if difficult, one. I’d completely forgotten about my birthday until I mentioned to my mom that we were going to have a Birth Day party and she assumed it was for me.

Oh, right. I have a birthday coming up. Forgot about that.

A bigger deal in my world, though, is the looming Birth Day of this kid o’ mine, THE ONE NOT IN JULY, pretty please. (Think he’s getting my drift?) Today I sewed together two “receiving” blanket/ quilts (like a quilt but without the batting because it’s hot in August); tomorrow I have one more plus two swaddling blankets to hem. I’ll post pics and sources once I figure out how to make these work, but (of course) I figured I could make muslin A&A’ish swaddling blankets rather than buying them. We’ll see.

And, because clearly you care (um, no), I locked in a pediatrician today, one more to-do item to check off. Our good friends strongly recommended their pediatrician and with a minimum of sweet talk, they agreed to take a new patient based on that. Score.

Yup, this turned out to be quite the boring post. Hell, I’m bored writing it. And with that, I will wrap it up.

Pictures soon!


9 thoughts on “Nesting, schmesting

  1. You’ve still got me! I’m just a sucky commenter. But you’re wading into parenthood, and we are just now testing the waters, so I love reading all these baby posts. 🙂

  2. Yeah, I’m just a lurker, not much a commenter, but I’ll try to be more active if it makes you feel better 🙂 Not really into the baby mode, but I’m seriously impressed with your sewing skills!

  3. Well, it looks like I’m not the only one that is a sucky commenter. I have been awful at commenting lately, even though I read a ton of blogs. And then I get annoyed that I have one or two comments on my blog every day… go figure!!!! 😉

  4. I’ll comment just to prove you have at least 5 readers. Yea for marking things off lists! Yea for upcoming pics! Out baby was/is a little hot box so good job on making lightweight blankets–love the A&A ones. And I turned 34 about 3 weeks after the baby was born. Totally forgot about it, too.

  5. How many comments can we get to say Ditto? I concur with the rest. I love reading your posts because you are a few months ahead of me so it’s helping me plan in advance. All of my preconception/pregnancy info has at least started here on your blog. To me, it was a life saver. It’s also helpful to read how another career driven ENFP woman, like myself, is going through the same issues. It makes me feel “normal”.

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