And, the pregnancy impatience looms…

This weekend, for my week 36 post, I wrote that I wouldn’t mind being pregnant another month or two now that I’ve finally settled into what being pregnant feels like. So of course things would change, right? I defied the gods of karma!

I woke up this morning and whoa, boy, this kid was hanging off of my front end in a brand new way. Yes, folks, this is called
“lightening,” or more commonly, “the baby dropping.” Well, “the baby dropped,” is how you’d say it, not “baby dropping” like “bird dropping.”

Anyhoo. Suddenly I feel like I need to lean backward for fear of tipping forward. My posture’s a mess, my walk is waddly, and my back and hips ache. Oy. Clearly I avoided these annoyances for far longer than a pregnant woman should. I’m trying valiantly to salvage my walk (so instead of waddling quickly, I now walk semi-normally slowly) and my posture (hilarity: me trying to suck in my abs to keep my body upright… um, no).

Yup, while I’m not there yet, I see the impatience looming. “Take your time, kiddo! It’s nice in there and you’re easy to lug around,” will soon give way to, “Any day now, kiddo! We’re friendly and fun and I’d like to detach you from my hip bones now, thankyouverymuch.”

In addition to dreaming of my first glass o’ beer (Fat Tire, please, icy cold, in that big bottle that’s 30 ounces) I’m dreaming of normal clothes. I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror today, body in profile but belly hidden by the shower curtain, and for a moment, I wishedReminisced.  I know it’s unlikely I’ll ever fit into the same sized jeans (skeletal changes), but I’d like to not get those, “Oh, that poor huge woman!” looks anymore.

{Our to-do list is getting both smaller and larger all at once. How, you ask? Well, we add new projects as we make even the slightest progress on others. This week: the nursery gets a new fan and recessed lighting. *sigh*}


5 thoughts on “And, the pregnancy impatience looms…

  1. Oh, a Fat Tire sounds so good! I wish we had it in Kentucky. My husband is in your general neck of the woods, this week. Maybe I’ll ask him to bring me back a sixer.

  2. The beer will be so good! Supposedly, beer can help your milk come in. I’m craving a nice red wine. I have mine picked out already for when I get out of the hospital. A delicious red wine with a smoked mozzarella veggie pasta.

  3. Jealous. My little guy is stubborn apparently and would rather hide up under the ribs then drop and get this show on the rode. I’ve been dreaming about pants I can button. For some reason I miss them a lot and an ice cold Dos XX with lime. Yum! Can’t wait!

  4. Well, “the baby dropped,” is how you’d say it, not “baby dropping” like “bird dropping.”

    The best line I’ve read in a looooooong time.

    Also, just have to say I am so fascinated by this because I didn’t even notice when my baby dropped. Later, my boss (whose wife has had 3 kids) told me HE noticed and I couldn’t help feeling slightly embarrassed, somehow.

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