Almost full-term at 37 weeks minus one day

Oy, what a week. I’d done a semi-decent job of not losing my shit over the past month, but this week I freaked out twice. In two days. Fun times, fun times.

Bright side: we always kick it into high gear after I freak out so lots has been done around this place in the past few days. Furniture has been moved, rooms have been cleaned, beds have been purchased.

Wait, what?

Yea, on a “quick trip to the mattress store to get a bed frame” so our king bed wouldn’t be on the floor when my parents visit (What? You don’t have any weird hang-ups about being an adult when your parents visit, like by not having your mattresses on the floor?), we ended up buying a new bed.

A smaller, more expensive bed. Clearly we have lost our minds, but we’re excited. (Details: Tempurpedic sale on a queen bed they had in stock, about a thousand dollars saved, next-day delivery.) My husband can’t wait for his unicorn: the always- elusive full night’s sleep. I’m excited to have a real bed again since we can now move our spare queen sleigh bed in from the garage.

I won’t lie, though. Every time I rolled over in bed last night, I had a brief moment of dread for the adjustment to a smaller bed again. My husband hates to be touched while he’s sleeping and touching him when rolling over will be inevitable.


The other reason I slept terribly is that, at one day short of 37 weeks, I kept wondering if the Birth Center would take me if I went into labor right then. Would they round up by a day? This kid is nudging his way lower and lower into my pelvis (and right into my pelvic bone sometimes, like he was headed for the door but bumped into the door frame) and apparently trying to butterfly kick his way out. Combine that with some new and random shooting pains and I kept wondering if today would be showtime.

“Please, kiddo, not yet, okay?” I’m condemning myself to an overdue baby, aren’t I? Yes, yes I am. Still, I keep repeating, “Please, not yet, okay?”


Nursery is finished! No, really, this time. Crib has bolts and a mattress and sheets; furniture has been moved out and in and organized; walls are painted and pictures are mounted and lighting is installed. We love it and are jealous that the kid got the first recessed lights and best ceiling fan in the house. Look for either of us at any given time and we’re likely to be lounging on the glider with a laptop. Yes, pictures soon. It’s not anything amazing so keep your expectations low, please.

Remember I’m the one with the mattresses on the floor.


My newborn cloth diaper rental order from Wee Little Changes should arrive via FedEx today. I forgot I asked for them to be shipped so early (3 weeks before his due date didn’t seem so early six months ago).  Eventually I’ll set up an affiliate program with them but don’t wait to check out their rental options. If you order and want to mention my name (and don’t know it), just email me. Your call.  They are carrying the super popular BumGenius newborn diapers (which is what I ordered) and the new and well-reviewed Grovia newborn AIO’s (so adorable).  Because newborns use so many more diapers per day — but you’re likely to use the tiny size for so little time — renting 24 diapers for three months made more sense for us than buying them. Pictures and such later, plus a review once we get to use them.


After taking a live HippieBirthing class for six weeks (HypnoBirthing, to be more accurate), I still didn’t feel very prepared for the big day, so I got a hold of HypnoBabies CD’s and am feeling much more prepared. Whereas HypnoBirthing was great for feeling better and getting settled with the idea of a natural childbirth, HypnoBabies offers more tracks and a directive approach (this week, listen to these tracks and do these exercises), which is what I felt I was missing.

Now, with potentially three weeks to prepare rather than a solid five, I’m super-speeding through the tracks — nothing like expediting relaxation, right?) — but feeling better. More on that soon too.


My belly is awesomely torpedo-shaped now and I get “Oh!” looks from strangers. Yes, I know my belly is huge. Yes, it does seem like it’s about to fall off my front. Yes, I will soon be deeper (front to back) than tall, wocka wocka.

I really like my linea negra, always have, but even more so lately. The kiddo is hanging out on the left side of my belly so it’s lopsided. And I’d be more willing to do weekly pictures if I could do them nekkid. (Don’t worry, I won’t.) I feel awkward clothed (big boobs, huge belly) but don’t mind the way I look unclothed. Pregnant bodies are cool in a science experiment (“whooooa, weird”) way.


My boss got temporarily promoted yesterday, presenting the potential that he’ll get permanently promoted in a few months. (He’s taking the GM position on an interim basis while the formal search commences.) Two very supportive coworkers asked if I was going to jockey for his gig if he got the permanent promotion.

Um, I won’t be here… maternity leave! Not that I don’t know a few women who got promoted during their maternity leave, but I was sort of thinking I’d coast for a bit after I returned, ya know?

Aside from the jockeying, though, I’m considering being more available to my team during my leave than originally planned, as they won’t be able to lean on my boss as much since he’ll be pulling double-duty with his current gig and the bigger, interim one. I think I might be crazy, but am debating a weekly chat with them starting a couple of weeks after the kiddo arrives.


Okay, enough brain dumping. Lots to do today: our bed will be delivered this afternoon and our bedroom remains covered in laundry. Also, you can call it nesting (I’ll call it, “Holy shit, my parents will soon be staying with us!”), but I have closets to organize and rooms to clean and swaddling blankets to dye and….


2 thoughts on “Almost full-term at 37 weeks minus one day

  1. Whew! You sound (dare I say it) ready! I love the idea of renting the newborn BGs- definitely need to look into that (if we have a) next time. Glad you’re liking the hypnobabies- and I’d say don’t stress if you don’t get through all the tracks. I didn’t and the labor track still worked miracles for me.

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