The Tempurpedic review, day two

While making a quick trip to buy a bed frame for our king mattresses (they’d been sitting on the floor since a year ago when my husband took a flying leap off a chair onto the bed with a hundred pound dog joining him in his shenanigans), we were temporarily distracted by a pretty fantastic sale on Tempurpedic mattresses at the store. So distracted that we bought one.


Background: my husband is a terrible sleeper descended from terrible sleepers. Despite this hereditary gift, he continues to believe that “if only ____,” he might get great sleep again like when he was a teenager.  I used to be a great sleeper but am now not so great — his fault, I think — and when pregnancy and extra weight is added to the mix, we haven’t slept well through the night in months.

Yup, suckers for a good bed sale, that’s us. What sold my husband was the sinking of his booty into the bed when he laid on his back, allowing for lower back support he can’t get on a traditional mattress. What sold me was the hope of not hearing him complain about how badly he slept anymore… and that after a few minutes of feeling my spine relax, my hips weren’t so achy.

So, we downsized to a queen, brought our spare bed in from the garage, and set the heavy new mattress and box spring up on Saturday afternoon. We also bought new, high thread-count sheets, then spent the afternoon lounging on our bed and remarking as to how much more adult-like we felt (me) and comfy we were (him).

The bed didn’t off-gas because we bought a floor model, which was nice given the reviews I’ve read about the terrible initial smell. (Note on the floor model: the cover zips off and is washable so neither of us had a problem with saving a thousand dollars by buying it.)  The bed itself isn’t too heavy but the box spring weighs a ton. We went with the now-discontinued Classic version because the Deluxe was too soft for us in the store, so although it feels rather stiff at first, after a few minutes (of uncomfortable spine-stretching and butt-sinking, it’s fine.

The first night — last night — wasn’t fantastic, primarily due to adjusting to the narrower bed. I kept worrying I’d stray to his side of the bed, ironic given the real risk was evidently that I’d roll off my own side of the bed. (I didn’t, though I came very close.) He slept like the dead from what I could tell, but says he had some adjusting to do, too. He seemed to have shoved an entire blanket between us at some point, perhaps to keep me from touching him, but really just ensuring he had even less space for his body on his side of the bed.

I can’t tell if my hip pain was better but acknowledge this to be an unfair test given I am 37 weeks pregnant. No bed on the planet is going to relieve my aches at this point. He seemed much perkier today than most days, even spontaneously mowing the lawn in the middle of the hot, humid afternoon.

It strikes me as a little silly, though, that we downsized to a queen bed, leaving us each with less individual room than a twin each. (Yes, I pushed this option so as to take advantage of the fantastic price on the mattress, but suddenly I wonder how smart it was.) Perhaps people who insist that their loving spouses not touch them while they’re sleeping can’t enjoy the perks of a smaller bed (among them: lower cost mattresses, less expensive sheets, more room around the bed, and being able to use a very nice bed we already owned rather than have our mattresses on the floor). We’ll see.



3 thoughts on “The Tempurpedic review, day two

  1. My husband and I are both tall, fairly large people and we don’t like to touch in bed. But our 100 yr old house will barely accommodate queen beds, so we make do. You’ll survive, I promise 🙂

  2. We have a queen bed, and we share it with about 80 pounds worth of dogs, and we’ve adjusted nicely to it! We don’t cuddle with each other at night (it’s impossible to avoid cuddling with the dogs, because they won’t stand for not touching us all night) and we still sleep just fine with plenty of room. I’m sure it will just take some time to get used to!

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