You know what doesn't suck? (Pregnancy edition)

  1. … soon we’ll have our very own kid. And yea, I’m sure we’ll ruin him in some way. We’re parents; it’s our job. But we get to have adventures and take him on trips (even just to the backyard) and remember how cool everything is when you’re young and innocent rather than old and cynical.
  2. … and that kid will teach us things! It’s much more politically correct to talk about all the things you’ve learned from your kid rather than the things you learned from having a puppy, after all. I can’t exactly tell my work peeps how helpful it was to be faced with a communicative creature who couldn’t speak in words and have to figure out how to be consistent enough to get my point across. (My dogs — and cats — have had no problems making their point clear to us, but us to them took some practice) You know, because work peeps don’t like being compared to canines (and although humans are animals and thus behavioral principles apply, it’s still not the thing to say). Granted, I won’t be all, “Hey, you’re pitching a fit just like my kid and now I know how to deal with it!” but still… lessons to be learned, lessons to be learned.
  3. … being pregnant wasn’t all suck. After a while you get used to feeling like your body has been invaded and you think, “Hey, I could deal with this for a while longer!” Of course, then your kid drops and suddenly feels like he’s cantilevered off your bladder, but even then, it’s okay. Meh. I’ll just walk more carefully! And look who gave up caffeine cold turkey? This one! It’s also pretty cool that this body of mine can create and incubate a kid without a bit of intervention from me (okay, there was the causal intervention – ahem – but beyond that, I mostly just needed to not get in the way). All very cool.
  4. … some people are really awesome and you are reminded of that when you are vulnerable and they are, well, awesome. Like bff’s who insist on hearing all the gory (whiny) details even while fighting the demons of fertility at the same time. And readers who email with helpful hints about everything, from nausea management to pulled abdominal muscles. And online friends who commiserate and offer advice and are just… there. And neighbors who lend clothes and offer to throw you a baby shower and families who make cross-country trips and husbands who don’t freak out.
  5. … some workplaces are totally supportive of women and pregnancies and families. Some, like mine, are so supportive that people like me actually get to complain about how everyone is asking how I’m doing and my boss and I had an awkward moment today as he tried to insist I tell him if work stuff is too stressful and I tried to insist I was fine and would just like to do my job. I’m getting full support for any coverage I need while I’m out, people are trying to be nice and non-stressful despite the fact that my job is to be Bad Cop, and I’ve been asked twice if I’d go after my boss’s gig… and I had to remind them that I’m about to be out for a few months and maybe that would negate my chances… and then they reminded me that it won’t. Because I work for a great business.
  6. … my body is a freaking wonderland. I know, cheesy, but this belly of mine is amazing. It’s all huge and round and has a linea negra down the middle and I totally dig it. The huge boobies, not so much, but the belly is bad *ss. I want to name it, but of course, there’s a kid in there and that seems weird, so I don’t.
  7. … you look at your husband differently. Well, I do. He’s pretty awesome as a husband, but he’s going to be totally freaking fantastic as a dad. And despite our challenges as a couple, he’s really done a bang-up job of getting us ready for this invader. Plus, he’s cute. I can’t wait until his breath (any breath, really, my own included) doesn’t kind of gross me out.  And he might not say the words, but he does a great job of making me feel like I’m still me AND super cool for being all pregnant and stuff.

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