My failed attempt at making a crib mobile…

I fell in love with this mobile:

It’s sweet! Crocheted! I can do that!

So I bought a crochet hook, learned how to crochet a sphere, made a bunch of them, and figured I’d someday get around to attaching my colored balls (*snort*) to a round something and hang it from the ceiling.

In the meantime, I finished painting the nursery, painted the crib, knitted a couple of baby hats, sewed some crib sheets, moved furniture… basically, stuff got done. The other day I pulled out the bag of crocheted balls so as to put together this handmade crib mobile.

{Insert pictures here once I take them later today.}

Oy. Ugly. Clearly I have no flair for color picking. I mean, we know this from my adventures in painting walls, but I didn’t realize just how bad I was at it until I pulled out the balls and looked at them as a whole. I have gray, green and teal wool yarn so I could redo some of the balls, leaving out the navy blue and yellow. Perhaps that would help.

I was trying to go for contrast since my mom reminded me that newborns need high-contrast, but old-lady yellow plus navy blue plus teal-yarn-I-already-had = ugly. Ugly, ugly, ugly.

Or maybe, new plan! See this?

Bunting! I can do bunting! I already made bunting, actually, and just haven’t gotten around to showing it to you. Bunting is easy, especially if you’re willing to use pinking shears and thus don’t have to finish the ends of the triangles.

So maybe instead of figuring out how to perk up my balls mobile (*snort*) I’ll instead making graphic black and white bunting and hang it over the crib. With our (new and awesome) ceiling fan, bunting would flutter and be interesting to look at.

I think.  What do you think?


3 thoughts on “My failed attempt at making a crib mobile…

  1. I love bunting, too. I have some (green, aqua, yellow, white, orange–leftover nursery fabric) above the changing table and she really likes it. Also? I had to comment because I love that first nursery. Love the wall color, the prints, and the rug (because it’s in my kid’s nursery, too). Am anxiously awaiting pictures of projects.

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