Nursery projects! (and pictures)

First off, DIY cloth wipes:

Check out the super straight sides and perfectly square awesomeness. (Um, not). If you recall, I serged these inside out, flipped, and top-stitched. The serging is what killed the geometry. I’m rather new to serging (and very impatient) and didn’t take the time to make the corners square. Oh, well. We’ll be using them to wipe poop, yea know?

But just for giggles, I included a picture of the various amoeba shapes that resulted.

I made bunting from the leftover scraps but forgot to take a picture of it. More on that once the nursery photos are up.

Next, up, a floor mat:


We don’t do rugs around here owing to the propensity of our various animals to pee and/ or shed amazing quantities of fur. The kiddo will need something to lay on, though, so I whipped up a floor mat with extra thick quilting batting.

It’s basically a quilt backed in canvas. I bought the shark print at Joann Fabric one day (couldn’t resist, plus I had a coupon so it was about $3.00 for this piece), used leftover striped flannel and remembered I had canvas stashed away. The most annoying part was crawling around on the floor to baste the quilt sandwich, something I did at 8.75 months pregnant. Smart! I love it, though.

Next,”receiving blankets”:

Blog posts abound about the uselessness of traditional flannel receiving blankets, but as someone who didn’t have a baby shower, we have none of even those, so I made three quick blankets.

Like quilts, but not quite (no batting), they’re flannel one one side and cotton on the other. Since they don’t have batting, I didn’t have to quilt them to keep things from shifting, though I did a couple of criss-crosses on the robot, diagonals on the critters, and verticals on the dog print.

(Dog print photo is very blurry, sorry.)

The robot print is my favorite and as luck would have it, the one you can’t buy anymore. I’m not a huge fan of the flannels at Joann Fabric because they tend to pill, but I got these on sale for less than $2 a yard and already had the cotton backing (which I got on sale at Walmart for less than $1 a yard), so I’m okay if they don’t last very long.

I like that they’re lightweight and a good size, about 36″ by 44″.

Next: DIY swaddling blankets!

Surely you’ve heard of the ever-popular muslin swaddling blankets by Aden and Anias. I have and debated buying them… but here’s the thing: I’m cheap (we know this) and muslin is cheap. I mean, really, seamstresses use it to make throwaway patterns to check for fit. Paying $10 for a muslin blanket? I couldn’t do it.

So, I bought my own muslin, first at Walmart in 108″ width (which made two 54″ square) and then at Joann Fabric in the more typical 44″ width (so, out of 5 yards I got four, I think).  I serged the edges after finally taking the time to figure out how to make my Serger do rolled edges and figured I was good to go!

Then I showed my husband, who promptly remarked, “You made a bunch of white blankets to use with a baby?” Fair point. Poop stains, so….

I dyed them.  I bought iDye at (yup, the ever-hated) Joann Fabric for about $3 a packet, crossed my fingers (and spent a week getting around to buying the salt I needed) and dyed them all in the washing machine.

It worked! It worked so well, in fact, that I dyed all the plain cloth diapers we bought to use as burp cloths/ mess cleaner-uppers.

The dye doesn’t seem to run but to be safe we’ll be washing the blankets and wipers without other stuff. The nice thing about muslin is the more you use/ wash it, the softer it gets, too. All in all, I’m very happy.

(They really are that bright, by the way. I didn’t tweak the pictures of either the swaddling blankets or the wipers at all.) Oh, and if it matters at all, I (so far) prefer the 44″ square size to the larger 54″ size; the smaller ones are easier to fold.

Hmm, what’s left? Oh, right, the bunting I made the other night to replace the (ugly, ugly, ugly) mobile I crocheted.

I was going for contrast (and not going to the fabric store) so yellow, gray stripes, white and blue was the best I could do. I bought twill tape because I was too lazy to make my own (easy yet time-consuming). Speaking of lazy, I didn’t assemble each triangle inside out, flip, iron and top-stitch. Nope. Refused. Instead I used the handy-dandy rolled seam on my serger, which is why the corners curl a little. Eh.

We haven’t actually put the bunting up yet, but the plan is to hang it right about the crib so the edges will flutter when the fan is on and keep the kiddo enthralled.

And since you got a sneak peek of the crib in that last pic, here’s another:

Bad lighting! The crib is kermit green, the crib skirt is a Dwell Studio clearance from Target, the (odd-fitting) sheet I made myself from a Walmart twin flat sheet, the blankets we talked about, the red thing is a picnic basket we’ll use to tote baby supplies to other rooms (it has wipes, a squirt bottle, diapers, etc), and the bunting I just mentioned. The little trash can is a cheapo find that I’ll use until I find something worth spending more money for. It’s lined with a cloth diaper liner and I’m debating drilling vents into the lid, but I’m sure I won’t get around to it anytime soon.

Oh! One last thing:

I’ll take better pictures soon, but I’m totally in love with these stackable cubbies. We have two so far, used this plan, and I’m thinking I’ll leave them unfinished because I’m so tickled by them, though I’d originally planned to paint the outsides to match the wall and the insides to match the crib. Note: must style them better when I take pics again.

I would love to have about fifty of these.  I have visions of stair-stepped stacks (1, then 2, then 3…) in the corner of the nursery. *swoon* My husband (once again, very helpful, that one) pointed out that designing climbable furniture for a little boy’s room might be a mistake, especially given my propensity for making super hero capes as gifts.

“We’ll put foam mats on the floor, don’t worry!” I responded.

The wood cost me about $25 a piece — which is steep — but they’re solid wood, well-made (thankyouverymuch) and pretty indestructible. We have a thing about (against) MDF/ melamine/ fiberboard furniture around here, so these make us happy.

Whew! That’s it for now. Once we finish our last nursery project (if we finish it) and get the tools off the floor (and the monitor plugged in and the surfaces wiped down and….), I’ll do a nursery tour post.

Ooh, last thing: my newborn cloth diaper rental package arrived!

We’re almost ready – and honestly, though I seem to have a never ending to-do list, we’d be fine if the kiddo decided to arrive tomorrow. It would be nice to have a few days to finish cleaning and deal with some last minute stuff (I totally forgot to do something about Pack ‘n’ Play sheets), but we’d be okay at any point now.


Perhaps tomorrow I’ll take pics of the three (three!) baby hats I’ve knitted/ crocheted. I finally put the yarn away tonight after realizing my projects are veering further and further into granny-cat-lady territory and I was one project away from a kid-version of a crocheted plant hanger.


16 thoughts on “Nursery projects! (and pictures)

  1. All of your projects look fabulous! Your little man will feel the love right straight through the muslin!

  2. Love all of your projects. They look wonderful. Do you have a weblink about the wipes, Ive seen cloth diapers though not wipes?

    PS We have the same wood bias in our home, so I also find those cubbies really awesome!

    • @Sunny, Do you mean about how to make the wipes? No, I just cut flannel into 9″ squares, serged them together with right sides facing, flipped them and top-stitched. I made about 40 of them. So tedious, but they’re cute.

  3. Love the color of the swaddling blankets- and this just inspired me to make my own, as I’ve already made cloth wipes, burp cloths, etc. Just curious- what color was the iDye? LOVE IT!!

    • @Maranda Lamping, The color was Royal Blue, and because I suck, I didn’t catch the washer in time to fully repeat the agitation cycle before it rinsed, so this is just one (normal) wash cycle worth of dying. Er, dyeing.

  4. I love how many things you’ve made yourself! Hoping to go this route when I get pregnant, but not entirely certain I have the patience…

    • @Maggie, Well, I don’t either, believe me, but over 10 months (40 weeks = 10 months to me) of being pregnant, you find a few days here and there to do things.

      And in my world, getting something DONE even if it’s tedious and annoying outweighs everything else sometimes because so many things can’t get done without help. Who knew I’d be knitting a hat just to be able to say I’d accomplished SOMETHING today?

  5. Um. That nursery looks amazing. What the heck have you been talking about, telling us to lower our expectations?? It looks awesome! And so “little boy” as opposed to “pastel baby,” you know?

    I love the muslin and the flannel blankets.

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