Still zen (not in labor)

Hi, I’m not in labor!

This is how I answer the phone, greet my mom, and say hello to my team every morning.

And now, apparently how I start blog posts.

I’m officially in the calm before the storm, the unbelieving stage of dealing with change. Also in the “spending more time in the tub than out” and “sewing so as to have something to do other than wait” stages.

My mom and stepdad will arrive late today and then we’ll all be waiting. My husband has been nesting up a storm to get ready because he is awesome and I’m… Well, not freaking out.

We’ll call this success for now.

I feel like I’ll be pregnant forever. Eh. I don’t mind. Much. I miss beer and my abs, can’t wait to have smaller boobs again (perhaps the only time I’ll ever think of them as “smaller,” like thinking Chicago rents were cheap but only because I was moving from NYC), and looked longingly at my favorite pair of pre-preg jeans before stuffing them into the closet… but I could do this a while longer. You really can get used to anything.

So, my Oompa Loompa body and I are going to try to have as normal a weekend as we can given the propensity of my mom to force long walks and everyone else to constantly ask how I’m feeling. It makes me laugh when they’re slightly annoyed that my auto-response (really not trying to be snotty) is, “Fine, how are you?” Oh, right, you’re asking for a specific reason. Sorry.

Do you have any weekend plans worth sharing? I’m willing to live vicariously.


3 thoughts on “Still zen (not in labor)

  1. Haha that’s exactly how I answer the phone now. My step dad actually requested I send a text to my mom telling her I’m not in labor before I call so they don’t freak out. Not gonna happen. I don’t really have any great weekend plans. I’m still working tonight but then that’s it. And my husband’s been nesting too. I honestly hope he goes through that whole pre-labor stage without me. I mean, I am caring his child, right? 😉 Anyways, good luck waiting. That’s what I have to look forward to after tonight and I hate waiting.

  2. I’m inspired by your craftiness but I don’t sew, so this weekend I’m going to paint a fabric chair for Bug’s nursery and antique his credenza/dresser.

    I’ve been a really lazy pregnant woman. I think preparing his space makes it feel way too real and I wasn’t ready to accept it before now. Now though, I want to make room for him and his things, it’s like the final stretch before a wedding when you just start finalizing everything and make it happen.

    It still feels like I’m jinxing everything so I’ve made an arrangement that my mom and mother in law will wash his clothes once he is born while we are in the hospital. It made me feel a little better in an odd way.

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