Good songs to sing to a baby?

I’m working on a handful of posts that will someday be complete enough to post, but in the meantime, my son and I are very, very over the two songs I tend to sing to him: “In the Arms of a Woman” by Amos Lee (I lack the range) and “Danny’s Song” by Loggins & Messina (I lack the lyrics).

Suggestions? What do you sing to your baby? Or what did your parents sing to you? What do you sing in the shower, other than whatever evil Taylor Swift’s producers have conjured up to get stuck in your head? (Oh, is that just me?)


16 thoughts on “Good songs to sing to a baby?

  1. Check out Renee & Jeremy. They are really (I think) great “kids” artists. Hey have a lot of songs that are easy to sing and are sweet and without being saccharine like traditional kids artists. Hope all is well. Looking forward to future posts.

    • Ooh, I was going to recommend Renee & Jeremy. My kiddo liked… I think it’s called “It’s a Big World.” weep-inducing, though. Renee and Jeremy makes for a good Pandora station for kids, too.

      My husband sings a lot of old-school Sesame Street from his childhood & Michael Jackson. Um, kiddo loves “The Hot Dog Song” by They Might Be Giants from Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: it’s musical crack for babies –> I recommend staying away from it.

    • @Tiffany, That’s a beautiful song! I heard it for the first time shortly after I had my little guy. I sing James Taylor’s “Sweet Baby James” every night at bedtime. It’s actually become a great way to cue him to a sleep routine if we are away from home and it’s time for a nap/bed.

  2. Funny that you asked this, because I got sick of the two songs in my head after the first week or so, too! I have a little girl, so my selections are skewed that direction. Some of these are odd and definitely not traditiona, but they made my little girl flash a gummy grin at me and really, that’s all you’re after, right? Some of the gender neutral ones:

    Baby, Mine from Dumbo
    Blackbird – Sarah Mclachlan version
    Twist and Shout – Beatles (more fun later when he’s standing on your knees and you can make him dance =)
    Out of the Woods – Nickel Creek
    If I had a Million Dollars ~Barenaked Ladies
    Rainbow Connection ~ Kermit
    I Wanna Be Loved By You ~ Marilyn Monroe
    Good Mornin from Singin in the Rain
    Oh What a Beautiful Mornin from Oklahoma
    Can’t Take My Eyes Off of You ~Lauryn Hill

  3. OMG…my husband and I were at a TOTAL loss when it came to singing to Little G. We resorted to Christmas carols! Seriously…we knew all the words and melodies and G didn’t care that it was July.

    We did try to do the weem-a-woppa part of the Jungle Song once and Little G just started crying.


  4. My girl loves “I’m a Little Teapot” and “Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes”. That’s probably not much help for night time songs though… I don’t sing slow songs, they make me cry.

  5. Ha. Let’s see for a while it was Twinkle Twinkle (still his fav!) and the alphabet song – cause those where the only words I knew! I’ve added in a variety of old girl scout songs (Make new friends…) and sorority tunes (alpha beta gamma delta…).

    I also made up a couple manly verses to ‘hush little baby’. His daddy is going to buy him a mtn bike, base ball bat and fishing kit… but I ran out of rhymes. One day I may finish it.

    Jewel’s lullaby CD (found on the end cap at Target) has been my savior. Mostly used in the car it calms Warren right down.

    Honestly – you can say whatever words you want just make sure it’s too a sweet lullaby tune.

  6. I love to sing to my baby! Our favorites include Umbrella Man (very old show tune), Shirley Temple’s version of Animal Crackers In My Soup, and Amazing Grace. My mother sang all these to me when I was small.

  7. Oh- i do a variety… You can pull from so many artists!
    *you are my sunshine (i hum this at bedtime, it calms my baby down)
    *i have a dream (abba)
    *twinkle twinkle little star (the full version-just to make it intereeting for me)
    *dave matthews slower mellower tunes
    *show tunes/broadway musical mellow tunes like ~RENT’s ‘1,000 sweet kisses’… ~phantom of the opera: ‘all i ask of you’ ~fiddler on the roof ‘Far from the home i love’…. *****to name a few!
    *phil wickham’s ‘divine fomance’
    *priscilla ahn’s music

    Sometimes listening to pandora’s toddler tunes radio gives me other ideas too.
    Quite honestly, anything will do so long as you can stomach singing the tune repeatedly! 🙂 esp when you find something your baby likes!

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