Parenthood plus: single-tasking

I make my living as a multi-tasker, able to talk while reading instant messages and monitoring emails all at once. I don’t watch TV without having my laptop open. Rarely do I do one thing at a time, even writing blog posts in my head while I shower.

Over the past month, though, I’ve found I’m not willing to do anything but watch my son while he eats. Doing anything else feels sacrilegious, somehow.  I thought we’d lose that connection when we stopped breastfeeding, but he still stares into my eyes while downing a bottle… and I stare right back.  We commune, he and I, every time he eats.

And since he eats every couple of hours, we commune a lot. I love this part of parenthood.

(Downside: I am now very annoyed when my husband other people don’t pay attention while feeding my son.  “You’re missing an opportunity!” I want to say. I have to remind myself that we’ll each have our own relationship with the kid.)


3 thoughts on “Parenthood plus: single-tasking

  1. Oh! Don’t worry, I’m sure it’ll wear off for me, but for now, it’s a nice change from my usual habits.

    I didn’t mean to imply everyone should be doing that, just MY husband. 🙂

  2. I’m the same way in a lot of situations. I like to sit and have little baby conversations with her and make her smile as much as possible while sitting on the couch, and when the hubby has her and pulls out his iphone to go on facebook, it drives me nuts!

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