In less whiny news, I must begin exercising

Since I now lack the “I’m not cleared to exercise because I had major abdominal surgery REMEMBER” excuse – and weigh about 12 pounds more than my normal weight, never mind the spare tire around my mid-section – I need to start exercising.

Notice I don’t even pretend like it’s for my health. Nope, it’s all vanity at this point. Vanity and a sincere desire to get my husband to stop trying to disguise attempts at getting me to find a comparable (expensive) hobby like his mountain-biking as “suggestions to get you out of the house, because I know you go a little crazy being home all day.”

Totally true, but I still think his motives are slightly more ulterior.

So, exercising. I hate it. I don’t like pain, am not built to push through discomfort for the sake of some goal, and tend to just stop when I hate something rather than try to prove something to someone about how I can do it.  But since this extra weight ain’t gonna lose itself (not in the time frame I’m looking for, which is NOW), I’m going to need to suck it up.

I did exercise regularly for almost two years once upon a time, back when my schedule was as crazy as it is now and it seemed like a better idea to go to the gym when I was tired but couldn’t sleep than to while away the hours watching soap operas. (Note: this was pre-internet.) I lifted weights then, at a gym my then-husband frequented, and it was great.

Now? I’m annoyed at the ridiculous “startup fees” charged by gyms. Sure, sure, at some point I’ll give in and pay them, but for now I’m still holding out, wallet still recovering from all the baby paraphernalia.

My plan, then (WOW, way to get to it hundreds of words later – remember, I’m not editing because I have about two and a half seconds to blog while my kid “naps” aka: makes elephant sounds of annoyance because he’s not in my arms while his eyes are closed) is a week of regular walking + yoga to hopefully help me stop walking like an old person (“My bones ache! Must be a storm coming.”) and then Couch-to-5K.

Blegh, running, but since I continue to hear that people love it once they get past the initial hate and have lost pounds while doing it, I will try it. Blegh.

Questions for you: do I need to buy running shoes to dabble in the running thing or can I wear my year-old Nike Shox? Please say I don’t need to buy shoes, because then I’ll spend weeks obsessing over the right ones, spend too much, and then lose the oomph to actually use them. Also, do any well-endowed ladies have sports bra recommendations? My local running shop (what? my husband was spending way too long drooling over bikes at the bike shop so my bored self wandered into the running shop next door) carries Something Movement bras that looked like they’d do the job, but they didn’t carry anything bigger than a DD. Lastly, any tips for how I can manage to not die? My plan was to just run in the neighborhood, but a) then people I know will see me, people who mountain bike and run marathons and compete in triathlons and those are just the people on one side of the street and b) the hills, the steep, steep hills! Seriously, my neighborhood is stupid steep, meaning I can barely walk the loop without dying, much less run. Should I drive to a flatter place? That seems stupid.

Oy. My husband’s already researching running strollers (to which I snort in laughter, because hello, just saying the word “running” makes me puke a little bit) and planning out his comparable mountain bike purchases.


18 thoughts on “In less whiny news, I must begin exercising

  1. I just wanted to chime in and tell you I completely relate to the whole “I hate exercise” mantra. We’re trying to have a baby and I think my weight is hampering my ability to procreate, so I recently decided to try the Couch to 5k program after hearing all of the rave reviews. Yeah…I managed to do it once in the past two weeks. I could only run four of the segments before I nearly passed out. I didn’t think it would be this hard!! It also doesn’t help that it is still 100+ degrees here in Texas so running outside = literal hell. I’ll try again when it doesn’t feel like the inside of my oven outside. Hopefully you have better success than I have had so far, and you will in turn motivate me a bit. PS your kiddo is adorable!

  2. Please buy running shoes. Your knees and shins will thank you. There’s nothing like an injury to cut short exercise plans. In my experience as a high school cross country runner, good shoes make a huge difference. For bras, check out I got one of the Anita bras from them and it’s great (expensive, but I think worth it). They are my favorite source for big booby bras.

  3. Sorry, I’m with AlisonVG, shoes are recommended for replacement after only 6 months, and that’s really not a sales pitch. I would run in old shoes, and totally notice shin splints and pain much more often than in good, new shoes. You don’t have to get crazy, just buy the same pair you have, only newer! And for sports bras, I don’t have any great suggestions since I’m only a B cup, but my larger endowed friend simply doubles up on hers when she runs for the added support. Seems like 1 is just never enough!

    • @Brooke, replacing shoes every 6 months is really only meant for people who run a LOT and are wearing them out much quicker. It doesn’t sound like she would have had the chance to wear them out that much…also there is debate about weather wearing worn-out shoes really IS that bad for you – I recently read “Born to Run” which talks a lot about the barefoot movement and how running shoes these days are way too cushiony and doing more damage than good… honestly if it’s going to prevent you from stepping out that door TODAY and doing whatever movement you can (slow walking, fast walking, 10 second intervals of light jogging) don’t wait to get new shoes!! Just do it and don’t over think it!! Any exercise is better than no exercise!

  4. Don’t bother buying shoes. At least, don’t bother until you actually run more than twice…for more than 10 minutes.

    Seriously–My suggestion for you and your decent metabolism is stick with walking, yoga, and eating right/less. You can/will do that much, and it will work. Work up to at least an hour a day walking, 5 days a week. You will be back in in your old clothes before the job starts. Loves!!

  5. I know your question was about running, but in terms of time/energy/results, I would really recommend checking out workout DVDs. I discovered Jillian Michaels’s 30 Day Shred while wedding-planning (on weddingbee, ahem) and it has opened a whole new world to me. Her workouts are seriously effective and she has a bunch that are only 25 min, which might be good for you with the babe and all. My husband and I have been doing Jillian & Bob Harper DVDs since January and not to be dramatic, but I think it’s changed our lives.

  6. I was also a running doubter. Once I got over the 3x a week for 2-3 weeks mark I actually started to not hate running. Actually kind of missed it when I skipped a few days.
    One thing that did make a big difference for me was new running shoes. I resisted but they made a big difference. Totally understand the research mentality. The best running decision I’ve made is to have my shoes fitted at a reputable running store. Highly recommended! Felt like I made a good decision. Knew they would fit and I didn’t mind if it I paid a little extra because I felt like I was also paying for expert advice.

  7. I recently bought (about to buy a second) a goddess bra on amazon. I think it was less than $30 which is amazing! And it really is great. Has kinda a high cut across the neck but I don’t mind much b/c it actually holds me! They have all sizes! After reading the reviews I ordered the band width in the next size up. Typically a 34, ordered 36. And I wear the 36 on the loosest clasp. I hate that stores only carry up to DDs! Last time I asked about bras in a store, the lady that helped me acted like DD was huge. Woman has NO idea what huge is (post kid).

  8. The Moving Comfort Fiona bra. Love it. It’s the only bra I’ve found that will last both 10+ miles and through a soccer game (I’m pushing DD right now with le bebe, and my c-cups still work for the little bits of working out I can do.) And it’s highly adjustable, too, to get just the right fit.,default,pd.html
    Title Nine does a good job of letting you sort by bras for recommended sizes.
    Shoes- get started, then go see about shoes. You’ll want new ones by the time you get to the “run for 10 minutes straight” part of the program. Just don’t put getting fitted off too long.
    And, with the program, don’t be afraid of repeating a week if the first day of a major step-up week is too much.

    • @Palila, I love the Moving Comfort Fiona. I have two. Totally worth the high price tag for running. For just walking/yoga, I would get a bunch of cheap champion seamless sports bras at Target.

      FWIW, I’m a pretty dedicated runner and I absolutely hated Couch to 5k when I first started it. I personally was much better off just running for blocks of time, but I trained a friend to run through the program last summer and it was good for her, so if it doesn’t work for you, it’s possible that you don’t actually hate running, you just hate C25k.

  9. You need to go to a running store and get fitted for shoes. Nike Shox are not really a smart choice, especially if you want to enjoy yourself. Spend the money on the shoes at the running store this once and then you can buy the same pair online for a lot less. I promise it’s worth it and most reputable running stores have a 90 day guarantee if you hate the shoes. I am ridiculously large on top compared to most runners and I really like the Moving Comfort Juno bra. Their Fiona is good too, but Juno is a little bit more supportive. Regarding the hill training, it’ll be harder, but it will be good for you if you ever decide to start racing. I think that’s a decision you have to make based on if the hills will scare you away from running. Also, my biggest mistake with Couch to 5K was to go too fast during the runs, which meant I wasn’t able to do all of them. Maybe that’s just me though.

  10. OMG, my boyfriend mountain bikes and was (will soon be again) trying to get me to do it because it’s “FUN”. He’ll even buy me the ($600) beginner bike (I’d rather have earrings and/or 60 new books thank you). It is not fun, it is hard and dirty and stupid. Especially when you’re doing mountain biking in the actual freaking mountains. no bueno

  11. My hubs tries to get me to mountain bike. Umm I’m sorry, I don’t think we have an extra grand laying around for a basic blah bike, not to MENTION how much fancy bikes cost… Yeah.

    I did Couch to 5k, and I liked it enough. But I didn’t lose weight. Just so you know, it may help, but it may not.

    BUT, I do run slooowly, so maybe that’s part of it?

    I ran in the shoes I had, and found out that I had a hard time with my form. I just recently switched to UBER EXPENSIVE Merrell Pace Gloves, and I like them, but they’re definitely not for everyone. Almost no cushion, which I like, because then I don’t heel strike. I say run in what you have for the first few days and see how it feels; if it’s not good, consider buying running shoes.

  12. Moving Comfort Bras are amazing for support and designed for busty folk, I highly recommend!
    As for shoes, I think you can wait a bit and see if running becomes a continuous habit before investing, especially if your old shoes haven’t seen much use…
    One way that I have found to make running more palatable is to do run-walks, where you run for 1:00, walk for 1:00 and move up from there (run 1:30, walk 1:00, etc)…I think this is my favorite way to get a workout in when I’m just not feeling super-motivated to full-on run…
    Good luck with everything!

  13. I had to laugh at your reference to the hubby trying to justify the mtn biking expenses. Seems like every time T gets out of the woods he has to go the bike shop for something. He just bought a new bike which costs more than some cars… and my only comment is ‘I don’t want to hear another thing about a new bike until 9/8/2016!’ I also added – “And remember – no new snowboarding gear this year!” (Our hubby’s would get along really well!)

    I can’t say too much though because I’m sure in the next couple years I’m going to want to replace my road bike with a tri bike 🙂

    I think for running OR walking you need to make sure you have shoes with the right support. If you wore your shox a ton while pregnant I’m sure the extra baby weight your were carrying pretty much wiped out any support the shox had. So probably time for new shoes. You don’t have to fret too much – just head down to the local running store and they’ll help you find the right pair. And do you best to ignore color and style and buy the ones that feel best! (Hard to do :))

    My only other advice it to just find something you love. That’ll make it easier. Be that running or yoga or zumba or walking or 30 Day shred or classes at the gym. With a kid and working full time and lack of time in general I find that even though I LOVE exercising the only way it actually happens if it’s a scheduled class. For me that was training with a triathlon group and now it’s Crossfit. (which by the way I LOVE)

  14. Two things –

    First, get fitted for running shoes at the fancy pants running store. Seriously, they will make running easier by not hurting your feet and will help to prevent injury.

    Second, Enell sports bras. Magic.

  15. If you have lifted weights before, I highly recommend Crossfit. Nice thing is that you can theoretically do it all at home (though going to a gym and doing the On-Ramp course will prepare you better for that). There is running, jumping, weight lifting, everything and it constently changes. Check out with postnatal exercise ideas.

    Mind you, I find jumping and running to be painful while breastfeeding and I haven’t been losing weight. If you are breastfeeding or pumping at all, I would not restrict your diet.

    Good luck

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