At the request of my husband…

… another giveaway. We’ve moved away from Avent bottles and now have far too many bottles hanging out, ready to fall all over the place and make a huge racket with one tiny misstep in the middle of the night.

Up for grabs: three small bottles (five ounce?) and six-ish large bottles plus handful of slow flow nipples and three faster ones. {I’d be more specific but that would require me to get up to go look and then I’d risk making noise and incurring the wrath of The Monster.}

So, I’m giving them away. Pay for shipping and they’re yours. Well, maybe. Leave a comment if you’re interested and I’ll choose someone randomly; first to comment gets an extra entry.

{I feel like a hypocrite because I hate comment drawings, having never won a single one ever. Oh, well.}


13 thoughts on “At the request of my husband…

  1. Also expecting a baby in November, and am wanting to try out different kinds of bottles. (And whatever doesn’t work will get passed on to cousins expecting a few months later.)

  2. Ooh! I would love a few more bottles to add to my stash. We actually just got my son off of bottles (he just turned a year old) but I’m expecting again…and more is always better! Thanks!

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