Photography won!

I took my first of seven weekly photography classes tonight, in real life, with an actual instructor, at the local university. It was… interesting. I’d forgotten about the dynamics of classes, or more specifically, students, like the retired woman in the front row who kept interjecting with topics she thought she knew but kind of didn’t, topics that we weren’t scheduled to cover for another two weeks.

Look, lady, I know those fancy terms too, albeit correctly, but the point of the class is to follow the curriculum, right? Otherwise take yourself and your notes home and save your money.

Or the woman (actually, a few of them) who spent their practice time talking about how confusing everything was and how they’d never figure it out. Perhaps if you’d shut up you’d catch on, no?

Also, the air conditioner was broken, so that was fun.

That said, I’m glad I signed up. I was out of the house for almost five hours (yikes) and thinking about things other than babies, which was very nice.  My husband and some got some quality time together, too (and by “quality,” I mean they were both relieved to see me when I got home).

We’ll see if this forces me out of my shooting procrastination or not. I tend to like the theory learning of things without wanting to mess with the practical applications, but I have a cute kid and family that lives across the country!


3 thoughts on “Photography won!

  1. Good for you! And I’m a teeny bit jealous! I mean, I know all about the technical aspects of photography, but I would love to learn more from a professional. I may have to look into photography classes myself a few months after BebeDeux is born!

    Oh, and yes. I agree that there is ALWAYS that one person in a class!

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