After a brief hiatus


It’s time to break out the paint brushes again in the never-ending saga of Indecisive Me meets Outdated House. In this episode: kitchen planning for reals.

Our roof is being replaced this week and appliances are on their way (yay). Be prepared for a week of kitchen inspiration (WHY doesn’t Pinterest have an easy way to insert a board into a blog post?) via photos and many, many words.

Decided: black tile floors, black painted base cabinets, stainless appliances, rearranged work triangle, open upper shelving.

Not decided: wall color(s), concrete counter action plan, trash can solution, DIY new base cabinet?, single or double oven range, lighting….


2 thoughts on “After a brief hiatus

  1. Woo, kitchen! We’re finishing up ours (has taken nearly this entire pregnancy, husband says I worked on the baby, he worked on the kitchen), and it’s made a huge, huge difference. The things that I learned: it will take 2-3 times longer than planned, the tasks that seem the hardest now will be a breeze, and it turns out way better that you imagined in the end.

    Also, some of the major home-improvement stores have kitchen visualizers that you can play with, to check out colors for cabinets and floors and walls… and you can also work with the in-store designers (HD has a thing where you can work with them online, don’t have to go to the store) to get more ideas. We found it very, very helpful to have someone else give us ideas on what we could do, confirmation on what actually matched together, and some guidance on how we could re-do our space ourselves. Was nice to talk through it with someone who deals with kitchens all the time. (You don’t have to actually buy anything from them, either. At least, the HD people, I don’t know about the other stores.)

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