Sunday awesomeness (brain dump)

So, now that we’ve established that my Pollyanna take on life might be medication-induced,* I can get back to regular posting.

First, some non-Pollyanna stuff:

Good gawd, the hair loss after giving birth is extraordinary. Now, I have a head full o’ hair to begin with, but after nine months of not losing any (this is one of the side effects of pregnancy hormones), I have been leaving handfuls of hair everywhere. Yes, for three months. It’s craaaazy. If you’re pregnant, add “drain basket thing” to your list of things to buy so you don’t end up with clogged plumbing because of the huge hairballs you’ll produce. My kid has just learned how darn fun it is to grab handfuls of his mama’s hair, so not only am I shedding on him because I can’t help it, he’s now helping out.

Speaking of the kid (I guess this ends the non-Pollyanna stuff), dude is gaining skills at a phenomenal rate. This week, he can reach for something hanging near him, grab it in his little Tyrannosaurus grip and bring it to his mouth. Think about the number of individual skills this requires: eye focus, hand-eye coordination, touching, grasping. It’s really amazing.


He continues to speak – all the time, ohmygod we created a monster! – and is trying to add new sounds to his repertoire. He can mimic the “ow” in moew and the “mmmm” in moo and sometimes can manage to yell “oooooo” quite joyously at the top of his lungs. He bantered “aaaa” back and forth with his dad the other afternoon but now looks at Joey suspiciously if he tries again.

This is also how he looks at the dogs after just discovering their existence a few weeks ago. “Oh! Where did you come from?” turned into “Heyyyyy, how come you’re all mobile and stuff?” He finally clued into the presence of Frank, the cat, he who is always up in everyone face, and now bats at him if Frank stays still long enough. And this morning he smiled as Snickers’ tail rubbed against his face as she rubbed against me.


All this to say: MAN, having a kid is fun! So fun, in fact, that Friday night we had a party, the three of us, and read books while swimming in the tub AND singing songs. It was all fun and games, really fun fun and games… until Mr. mister wouldn’t go to sleep for two hours after his bedtime, a first for all of us. In fact, he didn’t go down until we started the bedtime routine all over again, this time in more appropriately hushed tones and a relaxing pace.

So, here’s to one more day of fun times with the kiddo before we take him back to baby school where they will hopefully fix the scheduling damage we have inflicted by having him to ourselves for two whole days. After a weekend of frequent feedings, irregular naps and lots and lots of fun! new! games!, we’re all very ready to get back to a more consistent schedule for another week.


We decided the time was right to upend our lives and spawn when we found ourselves a little bored with our lives. We have it good, sure, but all we could see in the future was an endless cycle of buying and playing and working, over and over and over. Life stopped being fun.

Three months into parenthood, we are so happy we threw our whole world into turmoil (oy, the first two months). Sure, it’s an endless cycle, still, but now we spend our days smiling and in awe of the progress of this little dude we created.

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2 thoughts on “Sunday awesomeness (brain dump)

  1. Firstly, I’m so glad you’re feeling better! Hooray for getting help!
    Secondly, I declare shenanigans on this whole “pregnancy hair” thing. I’m nearly 22 weeks and am losing just as much hair as always. I feel cheated out of the supposed glorious mane of hormones! Hopefully this means I will not have to suffer through post-partum hair loss…

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