We don’t like cloth diapering. So there.

I know cloth diapering is the latest thing, and I was no different while I was pregnant, researching and comparing and spending money on these unicorn diapers that would save the earth from garbage and us from spending money on stupid things to get thrown away.

We rented newborn diapers, if you recall. We didn’t use them at first because of the sticky meconium, then we sort of used them for a little while interspersed with disposables because they were there, then we only ever used them when I noticed them sitting sadly and unused in a corner.

Here’s the thing: I’ve been known to throw away good casserole dishes and storage containers because I can’t identify the origin of the science experiments growing within them.

And the poop of bottle-fed babies is NOT WATER SOLUBLE.

When you research cloth diapers, everyone says, over and over again: the poop of breastfed babies is water soluble! Wow! But they don’t mention the greasy weird ickiness of what comes out of the bottom of a kid drinking formula. Wow. That sh*t is not water soluble. I’ll say it again. THAT SH*T is NOT WATER SOLUBLE. The whole rinse-it-off-into-the-toilet theory goes out the window, and although we probably could have made it work with liners and many (MANY) wipes, we don’t.

We just don’t. Who wants to scrape peanut butter that smells like rotting garbage off a cloth diaper when you can instead spend your efforts trying to get your kid’s bottom clean while keeping your hands un-yucky?

That said, I had already purchased a handful of Grovia Hybrid diapers and those covers are awesome! We put Javi to bed wearing diapers one size bigger than his size and that works really, really well, but as he approaches the upper limit of a size, he can tend to leak, so we put a Grovia cover over his disposable diaper and it works great. The covers are adorable, nice and soft, and easily adjustable. I’m a fan.

We also tried a few different brands of disposables and have found Luv’s to be the least likely to leak. Yes, the cheap ones, I know! We tried Huggies and Pampers in various versions but in the end, Luv’s just absorb more. Huh. We spend about $26 a month on diapers and about $30 every three months on wipes (and I use the wipes to wipe down furniture and makeup off my face, too). I’m good with that expenditure, and as for destroying the earth, eh. I’ll stop using throwaway coffee cups and recycle and we’ll call it even, mkay?

We do love our cloth wipes, but not for wiping b*tts. They work fabulously as bibs when tucked under his many chins so we keep them everywhere. They also sometimes manage to save my clothes from a puddle of spit up large enough to require a wardrobe change. And people, we use a ton of wipes just to keep his b*tt clean after he does the dirty stuff, so I can’t imagine using 10 or 15 cloth wipes to clean up one diaper. We like Target wipes the best, by the way.

So there you go. I didn’t breastfeed for very long and we don’t cloth diaper. Next time, I’ll ‘fess up to something else “they” say you shouldn’t do. Fun!


11 thoughts on “We don’t like cloth diapering. So there.

  1. Yeah I think I’m with you on the cloth diapering thing. I was all about it while I was pregnant but then I had a skinny baby so they didn’t fit right away. Now they pretty much fit but just seem like such a pain in the ass to use. I feel bad, but not that bad. Maybe I have a friend that can use ours.

  2. We borrowed some cloth diapers and ended up buying a few more. I don’t think I’d ever cloth diaper right away (too many poops!). But now once she was down to like one poop a day, you could kind of gamble that you were only going to get a wet diaper. And now that she’s on solids? Solid poopy. That said, we only use them about half the time on weekend days. (And OMG, can you believe this conversation? My 25-year-old self would be disgusted.)

  3. I also jumped on the cloth bandwagon, only to promptly jump off once we started formula at 6 months… it just wasn’t worth the time or aggravation. New disposable diaper, clean hands, and less laundry to do. Ok with me.

  4. Thanks for the update and keeping it real. We’re going to attempt to cloth diaper once she’s out of the newborn phase. I also hope she’s on time, have an easy labor, don’t get an epi or c-section, and breastfeed. haha. I am sure in three months I will just laugh at myself. Here’s to hoping.

  5. Oh man, I have no intention or wish to cloth diaper because I do not have any want or need to spend time scraping poo out of diapers-water soluable or not! Good for you for making the choice that works for your family.

  6. I’m with Nodakedemic- not even considering cloth diapering. I feel a bit of guilt about it but then I think about the scraping poop and extra laundry and I’m over it. We’ll contribute to the ‘save the planet’ cause in a different manner (we just had a solar water heater installed in our house last week).

  7. 🙂 I totally understand!! I think I had it easy with WT pooping once every 3 days. Then we he started solids his poops were pretty solid too and fell right out of the diaper into the toilet. But now at almost 15 months his poops are almost always mushy and gross and I have to scrap the diapers with a plastic knife and I PRETTY MUCH HATE IT. I mentioned to my hubby the other day that I was about ready to stop sending the CD to daycare to which he responded “You already saved the world”. (He could care less about CDing it was my choice) 🙂 I’m still holding out hope he’s potty trained in the next couple months so I might stick with it… but I am definitely using disposables WAY more than I used to 🙂 AND I LOVE THE EASE! I couldn’t imagine having to scrape the poop for MONTHS and MONTHS.

    That being said. You mentioned using the covers over disposables and I do this ALL THE TIME. Initially when we first flew with him and I DID NOT WANT TO DEAL WITH A BLOWOUT ON A FLIGHT. Other great times are night time, car trips (we went 6 hours without stopping once!), football games… and really anytime he’s in a disposable and I want to make extra sure we have no accidents. I’m a fan of the FLIP covers.

  8. It is all about what works for you. We love our Grovia cloth diapers and it is working for us. We just started solids so that may change 🙂 If you want to sell any I would be interested.

  9. I’ve done both for an extended period, and I still think we’ll go back to cloth (or I guess I will, I do most of the house stuff, especially once he starts back at Company X a place where they think work weeks start at 80+ hours 🙂 ). But I threw the entire diaper, poop and all, in the washer. It was awesome. (I only did this for like 4 months, then we moved)

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