On balance

This week has been super busy even in pre-baby terms, but post-baby, the thing I’ve always told my teams becomes more important: this company (any company) will take from you as much as you’re willing to give. It’ll always be up to you to define your own boundaries and find some balance. Some days you’ll have to work crazy hours and under enormous pressure and you won’t have much of a choice because this is what we do. When those moments pass, be sure to make it up – to yourself, your family – somehow. You must take advantage of opportunities to recoup, recover, relax, even if they come during “normal” business hours.

Tonight I’ll miss bedtime yet again owing to one more day of audit. Sucky. So this morning, I am catching up on email one-handed while holding my sleeping baby during his morning nap. I’ll get him ready and off to school myself since my husband will no longer be available to help, but it’s worth it to spend a quiet hour snuggling with this kid of mine. The audit will keep me occupied until long past his bedtime tonight, so for now maximum email productivity loses out to sniffing him while he snores ever so adorably.

I like to think we also happen to be setting a good example for other working parents, or at the very least those on my team.


5 thoughts on “On balance

  1. What a great post – and this is so, so true. It’s important when you’re a workaholic to reign yourself in every now and then, and not give too much. It’s a lot easier for me to give that advice than to do it. Enjoy those morning snuggles!!

  2. Haven’t commented in a while but this hit home as I went through an audit at my work just two weeks ago. I ended up working 12 hour days the whole time and Saturdays for good measure. I couldn’t help think about how differently I would feel if I had a kid at home whom I was missing. Would I stay as late next time around? Would I be able to get past the guilt of short term busy-ness? The audit also just happened to get scheduled THE SAME DAY I got an amazing promotion, but a promotion that put me in charge of the audit we (surprise!) then had very little time to prepare for. So, thrown in was some added pressure and desire to succeed and prove myself as capable in my new position.
    It’s true at my work too, that when times are busy they are very busy and when they aren’t you better recognize it and relish in the fact that things are ‘normal’.

    You are a wonderful example of a working mother (something I see for myself in my future) so thank you for writing honestly about your experiences here. You are one of the few bloggers I read who keep things real without sensationalizing, and who actually makes me less scared to jump in and have kids when the time is right.

    • @lindsey kaye, Thank you so much. I’m fortunate to work with a bunch of very successful women – most of whom are moms – so I have good role models. In fact, one of my best role models actually works for me!

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