Kitchen progress and other brain dump stuff


Forward progress is often rather messy, in home improvement and in life, isn’t it? This is the current state of our kitchen: no ceiling, a thin layer of construction dust everywhere, and 40 degree temps.

But it’s progress!

And I’ll say, yet again, thank goodness for grandparents. After a week of keeping Jav home from day care and playing hot potato with him, my in-laws came over yesterday and it happened to work out that my dad is visiting all weekend. My son and his dad and grandpa are currently collaborating on recessed lighting installation while I type.

My company is going to want me to move to the mother ship (Seattle right now) for my next promotion, something we knew was coming but are still struggling with. Refusing to go – like I have been for three years now- puts my job at risk and limits my opportunities. Moving means we’re not near any grandparents.

But we’ll deal with that later. Right now, I’m headed out to bring food for my manly guys so we’ll be ready when the
drywall dudes come. I’ll tweet pics later of my son in his manly DIY sweats. Hee, hee.


3 thoughts on “Kitchen progress and other brain dump stuff

  1. I hear you on the corporate call to move to the mothership. It’s tough when you are able to work effectively from a remote location and are happy with where you are – but also knowing that it restricts your career trajectory.

    As there any possibility of a third option, such as moving diagonally to different role within the same company group, or moving into a similar type of role in a different vertical? I’m in the process of doing something like the latter that I think will be a win for me, my marriage and the company.

    • Yes, I’ve started looking in that direction too, but part of me feels like we’re just postponing the inevitable at the risk of gaining a reputation for not being interested in the big promotions. Sigh. Also, people who manage teams remotely generally manage remote people, which almost always means client services or sales, which almost always means lots of travel.

      Maybe we can get the grandparents to move too!

  2. Good luck with the Kitchen- can’t wait to see it done!! As for moving to Seattle, I’ll just let you know that I lived there for 6 years and LOVED it. The rain does get to you and it will be more expensive, but it’s a great little City.

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