Progress continues…

… This time on the baby front. Look who can hold himself up AND got a new hair cut? I hacked off his baby mullet and left him looking like he had ringworm so my husband buzzed the back and sides. We’re still in negotiations over what to do with the emo bangs.

Kitchen progress has stalled and we have a half-finished ceiling, no appliances, no gas line for the stove and an almost-connected wood burning stove. My peeps descend upon us next Wednesday and I’m not freaking out. Go, motherhood.

As I told someone at work, while motherhood hasn’t mellowed me, it has made it easier for me to walk away from frustration for a bit. Work can still be stupid but when I close my laptop to pick up my son, I stop thinking about it.

I’m still me but with a narrower perspective: I can spend 30 minutes playing silly games with Jav and not think about anything else.

Our house is a construction zone but I’m certain my family won’t care; my kid’s adorably distracting. At least, that’s what I’m telling myself.


4 thoughts on “Progress continues…

  1. He is so gorgeous! Just adorable and his eyes look like they must be so bright in person.

    I love what you said about motherhood’s effect on you at work. Being able to leave it behind and out of mind while you play with your baby – what could be better? Sounds to me like you’re “having it all” sistah

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