Calling in the reinforcements…

I woke up puking on Sunday and Joey followed behind by about two hours. When I realized he was trying to feed our baby without touching him, all the while hunched over in sick patheticness, I called his parents to ask for emergency baby help. God help us, they were here in an hour and spent the next six watching our kid while we laid very still and tried not to groan.

By early afternoon, I’d kept half a banana down and figured I could suck it up and get through until afternoon. God bless my kid, he helped us out so much by being his usual awesome self: he stayed content watching TV with me (something we’ve never allowed him to do so he was totally enthralled), playing with his toys, and then chasing toys in the bathtub while we killed time until bedtime. Then he went to bed early. And although he woke up four or five times between 6pm and morning, he was easily settled each time.

Man, being sick is a totally different experience when you have a child. Prior to being a parent, I’d have been miserable and groaning… and asleep. Now, even though my in-laws were watching Javi, I couldn’t sleep because I could hear him out there. Every laugh, every yell, every cry, I heard every single one. Before I’d have wanted to feel better, pretty please, but this time, more than anything, I just wanted to feel good enough to be able to hang out with my kid again. Not smooching him has been so hard, as has trying to take care of him without loving on him.

Our house continues to look like a construction site and will undoubtedly be that way when my family arrives on Wednesday night. Luckily they love me and I have a really cute kid, both critical factors in my hopes that they ignore the mess we’re living in. Oh, did I mention one of my bobby pins broke the washing machine on Friday so we’re washer-less until Tuesday when our new one is available for pickup? Yea, it’s been a fun week.

On the bright side, damn my kid is cute. I mean, really. That cheesy, “my kid is the light of my life” thing makes sense to me now. He smiles and everything is better, you know? Also, the drywall guys came by and mostly finished the kitchen ceiling and wall and we installed the dishwasher (and it works!)… progress.

Okay, back to bed to get some rest while “working” and gathering up energy for when my kiddo comes home. Have a good week and Happy Thanksgiving if I don’t get to post before then.


One thought on “Calling in the reinforcements…

  1. I used to enjoy being sick pre-baby, in a sense, because it was a good excuse to watch lots of bad TV, take it easy and generally pamper myself. Now that I’m a housewife with a 9 month old, being sick is so lame: I have to do the exact same thing, but while feeling terrible. Sometimes it’s sad to be an adult. Yay for nice in-laws giving you a temporary pass back to more carefree days!

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