Laundry list of things that suck, episode 1

My neck and back are trashed, “trashed” being a technical medical term, clearly. For years I’ve had upper back and neck pain generally attributable to my big rack. After I had Javi, my spine ached for weeks, and when that abated, I was left with an upper back and neck on fire. I finally cried uncle and found a chiropractor when I felt symptoms of vertigo coming on. My life cannot accommodate a full week of puking, so off I went.

His response? “Wow, I can’t believe you can function.” Um, thanks? After spinal x-rays confirmed a few things (none surgical), I now have twice weekly appointments until we get this all under control.

In the meantime, holding my kid hurts (but I still do it), bending my neck to smooch him hurts (still doing it), and in between, everything hurts. ARGH. Bright side: I’m getting help.


My kid lulled us into believing he’d sleep through the night, then started screwing with us by waking up to party starting at 4 am and every hour-ish thereafter. I’m exhausted. Bright side: he’s all smiley and happy when I stumble in to plug the pacifier back in. (Yes, bad habit, I know, shutupaboutitI’mtryingtosurvive.)


I got suckered into watching “White Collar” on Netflix serially (that’s my thing, TV episodes in marathon form) and then darn them, season three wasn’t available for free. Same thing happened with “Weeds” and “Bones.” I’m a sucker.


I handed over the financial reigns of this family BEFORE ordering the Beco Gemini carrier, quite stupid of me. I had to argue for it today (but I ordered it, ha).


Guess there’s less suckage in my world than I thought. Oops! Bright side: less suckage than I thought. Oh, I’m doing Weverb11 this year (yay). Pictures and posts coming up soon.


2 thoughts on “Laundry list of things that suck, episode 1

  1. No judgement here about plugging the pacifier back in…I reach over and do it in the night cause my 6 month old is still sleeping in her bassinet a foot away from my bed while she has a perfectly good room right next door. Whatevs. Tis what it tis.

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