A bleg: Christmast photo shoot brainstorming help

Need some brainstorming help. My sil’s boyfriend is a professional photog who did a fantastic newborn shoot for us when Jav was, yes, a newborn. It was quite the experience – he sets up a full studio on-site so we had lights and strobes (same thing?) and all sorts of My Kid Is A Star stuff going on. He’s agreed to do another one on Friday with a Christmas theme, and I’m kind of wanting to go a little nutty in the goofiness of the spirit – like in addition to dressing my kid up in the Santa pj’s we bought at Target (and adding a little beard out of felt), also finding an elf costume with bells on the toes or something. Joey wants to dress the dogs up as reindeer but I think that’s getting a little too ambitious.

Creative I am not, so help? It’ll be here in the nursery, probably, so ideas are welcomed!!


4 thoughts on “A bleg: Christmast photo shoot brainstorming help

  1. We wore our pjs and dressed my 7 month old in santa suit pjs and found a Christmas book (it was Grinch) and took photos like we were reading it to her. They came out adorable. But that might not be the goofy factor you’re looking for…

  2. I love the kiddo pics on a plain white backdrop with the kid in a diaper cover, playing with a string of lights. It’s so simple and their reactions are adorable. I’m hoping to get some with my little girl like that this year!

  3. I have no idea what happened to the email you sent me in response to my comment. If you want me to send you one of our pics so you can see how it came out just let me know!

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