Looking for a gift for someone?

This is my friend Jodi Kelly’s Etsy store.  She makes these gorgeous blingy bracelets that would make a great sister/ bff/ mother/ sweet neighbor gift if you’re looking for ideas. Her prices are great (mostly $25) and I’d be all tickled if I got one unexpectedly.

I’ll admit that I find Etsy so overwhelming that I rarely buy anything with the exception of those adorable nursery prints I got all obsessed with and a neat Montessori infant toy that the dogs promptly ate. The things I’ve bought have been because someone highlighted them on their blog, and although it feels weird to be on this end of the highlight, I’m hoping you all feel the same “Oh, neat” way I do.

Consider this my oh-shit-I-haven’t-bought-a-darned-thing-for-anyone public service announcement. (And also, clearly, my version of confessing to not having bought a darned thing for anyone yet.)

And for the record, I didn’t get anything out of this review except the warm and fuzzy feeling one gets from recommending cool things to other people.

Happy shopping!


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