We wish you a merry Christmas…


If I had it together, this would be a Christmas-themed photo, but I do not, so here’s a photo of my kid eating yogurt. Note: “eating” may be overstating it a bit. He got a teeny bit in his mouth, a little more on his lips, and a whole lot on his outfit. Hilariously, that tiny bit was enough to cause a full fledged sugar high not long after. Fun times.

I am taking my four month old on a flight on Tuesday and am a trying valiantly not to freak out, but I haven’t packed a thing and my husband is only now paying enough attention to disagree with everything I’d planned to do. Do they teach that in Man Class somewhere?

In more fun news, I got my present early and am typing on it now: an iPad! So share: what apps do I need?


4 thoughts on “We wish you a merry Christmas…

  1. Oh yogurt face 🙂 He’s adorable (and so big! What’s with all the growing?!?)

    We did a Kansas City to Sacramento flight (with stopover!) when my kiddo was 9 months, followed by a train trip from Sacramento to Seattle, then Seattle to Kansas City flight. I know that’s like light years of age difference, but for what it’s worth, it went *way* better than expected. She slept a lot, drank bottles, played with the sick bag & snack wrappers (crinkly!), and tore up the skymall catalog. She played with zero of the New Toys! I’d packed in our carry-on. The big advice we got was to give her a paci/bottle for takeoffs & landings. Anyhow, I hope you’ll be pleasantly surprised! (um, also my husband, God bless him, has taken the same class.)

    I just got SpellTower on my iPad. It’s like a cross between Boggle & Tetris; highly addictive!

  2. I have flown a lot with my baby. We did a 3.5 hour and an 18 hour flight when she was that age, and she didn’t fuss at all. It’s actually a lot easier at 4 months than later (now that she’s walking).

    Just make sure he sucks/eats something on takeoff and landing (for his ears). Other than that, just bring 1. food 2. diapers 3. wipes and 4. a change of clothes. I like bringing my Boppy as well because then it’s more comfortable to hold her as she sleeps (and it fits in a seat on my lap). You won’t need toys, books or anything else fancy (it’s better to pack light since you have to wrestle the baby and stroller).

    Happy flying!

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