Woo, hoo, five months, baby!


Happy birthday to me, happy birthday to me, happy birthday to…

… oh, right, Javi.

Why do I feel like I should get some sort of prize? (And by “I,” I really do mean “we,” I promise.)

The good mommies* always post pics of their babies, which I am unlikely to get to in the 5 minutes I have to type this. Granted, the good mommies also do this kind of post every month, so let’s just assume the bar in this household is much lower.

But, hoo, boy, FIVE MONTHS. YAY!

While talking to my baby this morning, I started out by saying that I had really enjoyed these last five months with him, but then had to correct myself. {I try not lie – even little white lies like, “It’ll just take me a second” when it’ll take a few minutes.}

“Okay, if I’m being honest, the first two months were ROUGH, and the third month was definitely better, but these last two months have been FUN, KID!”

So, let’s talk about where we are using the structure I used while pregnant: Body, Soul, then Baby, since this is my blog, right?


Four months post-baby, I am glimpsing my former body. My boobies are almost back to their former size (albeit a bit more floppy, yay), my booty looks like it will stay more bodacious but is fitting into my old pants, and though I’ve gained a mid-section pooch, I can smooth it out with a snug tank top under my shirt.

Physically, I’m struggling with pretty severe upper back and neck pain. Weekly chiropractor visits have helped but I spent last week with a locked up neck, and since I’m not giving up smooching my kid, it’s something that will take a while to fully abate.

But hey, all in all, not bad!


I’m two months into med-ville now and my life is better. If I’m being honest again, I probably should have gone on meds years ago. These past two months have been the most purely happy of my life, lacking any of the angst and nervousness that tended to come along with happiness before.

I read Penelope’s blog and relate more than I like to admit, then wish people didn’t feel so bad about the idea of needing to take meds, including myself. I wish I didn’t, but I do.

I can also tell you that I know the meds are working because I debate going off of them. Smile


Man, my kid is the coolest! He has a personality that I totally love and a sense of humor that keeps us laughing. Who knew a little baby could have a sense of humor and be so much himself already? He’s intense and determined, has a long fuse and a quick explosion, seems to take everything in before responding, and (no surprise here) has a temper. Luckily, it takes a long time before the temper is activated, but like his parents, once on, the switch is hard to turn off.

He dances and tries to run, lifts his arms above his head to our cheers, laughs and pumps his legs like he’s riding a bicycle, and understands cause and effect to some extent. He’ll call out and wait to see if we respond and make this funny little meowing sound when he wants one of us to look over at him.

He’d much rather stand than sit, sit than lay down, lay down than recline. As of this morning, he can pull himself into a sitting position on his bouncy chair, a development that has thrown our Baby Routine into a tizzy since we use that bouncy chair to get him showered. Oy. He’s so darned proud of himself when he’s finally sitting up that it’s hard to be too annoyed. Hello, baby abs!

Because he spends more time sitting up (with our support or in various baby furniture) than laying down or on his belly, he’s not yet rolling over. He still hates tummy time so we leave that particular item to our awesome daycare people and keep the fun stuff for ourselves.

Routines are really useful since they give him a clue as to what’s next, so our bedtime routine is very specific, sometimes to our detriment if we don’t have the next step prepped when it’s due. “Hey, wait,” he seems to shout. “You’re supposed to be handing me a bottle! Get with the program!”

Speaking of bottles, he can hold his own but hands off the duty about halfway through and almost always gets distracted before he finishes. We add an ounce or two of apple juice to his morning bottle to combat constipation.

I once saw an interview with a pregnant Amanda Peet where she said she and her husband would pray, “Please, just let us have a silly baby.” I didn’t do that before he was born, but if I had, my prayers for a cuddly guy would have  been answered. Just in the past two weeks, I’ve been promoted from Chopped Liver When Daddy’s Around to Oh, Hi, Mom, Let’s Snuggle! It is apparently a big honor to be the victim of Oh, I Wanna Eat Your Face in Babyland, in which case I am like the supreme leader or something. We spent a glorious first two days of the year in our pajamas playing various fun games (“Bounce like a little kangaroo!” and “Teach Mama to Fetch Toys” were some of the favorites) and (I’ll admit it) watching bad TV. (Only one episode! And only because he was tired but we were killing time until bedtime! And it was N3mbers, so that’s gotta count for something!) He’s definitely a man’s man – just how I’d like it to be – but we have a thing, he and I, our own special thing.

Parenthood is fun! Suddenly every little thing is exciting and worth doing, no matter how cheesy or goofy. After ruining Christmas Day by spending the day traveling, we decided to have a redo and put up a Charlie Brown tree (cut down from the back yard) complete with lights and ornaments, threw up a couple of strings of twinkly lights, and rewrapped a few presents for Javi to reopen while watching Christmas movies and drinking egg nog. ‘Twas a blast and produced my favorite picture of he and I, ever. (That one at the top of this post.) I started an adventure list for this year and someday and I’m so excited for each day that he grows and continues to become this cool little person.


I’ll come back and add a bunch of pics to this post later. Cheers to 2012!


2 thoughts on “Woo, hoo, five months, baby!

  1. Such a cute picture of the two of you, and those chubby cheeks are adorable! Glad to hear that things are going so well, and that your body is returning to something resembling “normal” (I fear that mine may never be the same..)

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