I am two shipments away from no excuses

I’m running (jogging/ schlepping) a 5k on April 1. There, I said it. After weeks of cajoling from my “who needs to train for a 5K anyway” husband, I finally agreed to do it, but only if he pushed the kiddo’s running stroller (thereby handicapping him to my level of patheticness) and I didn’t have to run with him prior to that (thereby keeping us married).

I went to a fancy schmancy running store to get fitted for shoes (and inserts and socks) and then came home and discovered that the manufacturer had the shoes at a deep discount because they were last season’s. Cue the drama.

I was willing to pay a premium for the service, but more than 100% more? Um, that’s crazy. I want to be loyal but not if I have to be stupid to do it.  In the end, I explained the situation to the lady at the running store, got a refund when they said they don’t “do sales” and left with my tail between my legs. Bummer for them, I’m now too embarrassed and awkward to ever go back there to pay their markup on gear.

Lesson: don’t make your customers have to choose between loyalty and intelligence. Put another way: I shouldn’t have to feel screwed to be your customer.


Whew, had to get that off my chest.  So, two UPS deliveries from now, I will be out of excuses to start C25K. I can honestly say I’d never hoped for a delayed delivery before now.

All of this got me thinking about pain and learning and frustration and growth and parenting. I have a really hard time watching my son struggle or be frustrated, something I suspect most moms feel. I want to help him by fixing it so I constantly remind myself that I help him by letting him learn to fix it himself. I still don’t do this well, though.

Here’s an example: while reading a book on child development by month during the first year, the writer noted that babies would learn to move between sitting and crawling because of the frustration that comes with toppling over.

I haven’t let my son topple over. Again borrowing from puppy training principles, I figured it best to keep him within the boundaries of success rather than set him up to fail, so he first sat by himself in the bouncer (with me nearby, obviously), then my lap, then the couch, then between my legs, then on the floor. He’s now steady enough to sit up without toppling over as long as he doesn’t try too hard to lunge for something interesting.

But much like the discomfort that will come from running serves me well, the frustration that comes from toppling over will be good for him. It also reminds me that we need to reorganize our home so that he can safely have more freedom. Because of the dogs (and our general lack of tidiness) we don’t set him down on the floor very often, but we need to find a way to make this his house too.

I have to throw in another shout-out to day care. I’m an “it takes a village” kind of person, if only because the pressure to be my son’s one and only anything is more than I prefer, and our decision to use a day care is SUCH a big part of that. My son can “fly” along the ground (in his own mind, but hey) and sort of roll over and bounce like a crazy man because he gets a chance to practice that at day care.

Go, day care! Thanks for doing the things that are good for my kid that I’m too wimpy or new to do myself! I’m catching on now!

They’re the wind beneath my wings. Smile


6 thoughts on “I am two shipments away from no excuses

  1. Running isn’t too bad. I started from not being able to run 2-3 minutes two years ago and just ran a half marathon in August. Is it easy? Hell no, Is it worth the time/pain/effort? Of course! =)

  2. They’re the wind beneath my wings – love!

    I am so impressed re: the 5k. It’s a lifetime goal of mine and honestly, I get to week 3 of C25K and I can’t do it anymore. I wish I had more discipline. Which of course, I would have if I disciplined myself more…

    Damn circular reasoning.

  3. I hear you on the running stores. I had the exact same experience when my husband got fitted. I took the shoes back and was pretty ticked that they were $45 more than online. I don’t know how stores like that stay in business. Good luck on the c25k. I just registered for a 4 miler on st patty’s day. I did a 5k right around when my son was about 4 months old but haven’t kept up with running since then.

  4. Good work on commiting to the C25K, my husband and I are also doing it soon, I’m just waiting on my running armband so I can take my phone with me to us the C25k app. Good luck!!

  5. I’m starting the C25K too. I did the first week(it wasn’t too bad)but instead of going to week 2 I’m going to redo week 1 until I feel more comfortable.

    For the baby on the floor situation, we have two crazy pups and an all hardwood floor house so I made Bug’s room a dog free zone. It is also the only room with a comfy rug for him to roll and squirm on. It makes it easier to let him play when I know it’s not dirty or too rough for him to be on.

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