Baby hospital preparedness, part II

Sure enough, as soon as I posted about what I’d be packing in my baby hospital bag, I thought of things I’d forgotten.  Lovely.

So, part II.

What baby should wear when headed to the ER… (This is assuming, of course, that you have time to deal with this before going. If you don’t, pack this stuff in the bag.)

  • Button-up jammies without feet. You’ll likely be asked to strip your baby down, but it can get cold and it’s hard to keep a kid wrapped in a blanket when that kid is pissed. So, if you can, put button up jammies on and leave buttons open as necessary. They must be footless because your baby will probably have an IV running into their foot (this is good, better than arm or head).
  • Second pair of button-up jammies without feet. I actually borrowed scissors and cut the feet off some pj’s because I wanted so badly to give my dude some semblance of normalness amongst the chaos. Anyway, stuff spills, meds gets spit out, and clothes get yucky.
  • Socks. Socks, socks, socks. Can also be used as hand warmers or (if you’re willing to cut a hole in one) to hide the blinky awesomeness that is a pulse ox monitor on a baby’s foot. Those things are like beacons in the night.
  • A couple of blankets. Again with the normalcy, but also because hospital blankets smell like a hospital, I was glad to have one of my ever-present flannel blankies with us. He was able to cuddle up to it to sleep like at home, and we periodically used it as a shade from the ugly lights, burp cloth when spit-ups happened, and lap-protector/ cord-wrangler.

Bonus stuff to have in your hospital bag:

  • Grown-up soap of some sort. I washed my hair (soooo nice to shower) with hand soap. Imagine, for a moment, the Lion King crossed with Medusa – that was me.
  • Extra toothbrushes. Nobody plans to stay overnight, but quickly your teeth will feel icky. I had a bunch of new toothbrushes in my bag, one of which my mom used when she flew in to hang out with us in the hospital.
  • A wet bag/ dirty stuff bag. Self-explanatory.
  • Sleep sheep. My son sleeps with a white noise machine, and although no white noise on the planet can hide the incessant beeping that happens in hospitals, it helped us all.

Okay, next time, tips and tricks.


2 thoughts on “Baby hospital preparedness, part II

  1. I’m so sorry about your little man. I know baby hospital runs are scary and draining. When my son with two weeks he started running a fever of 102 and we rushed him to the doctor’s, who confirmed I could read a thermal scan thermometer, ran some test, and sent us to the ER. He had a UTI. But, now you know you can handle one of the scariest things a parent can do through.

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