As usual, Indecisive Me reigns


See the frumpy brown sectional in the background of that picture? It lives in our living room. The thing isn’t so bad except for those badly structured, attached, misshapen back cushions. I took one apart the other day with a mind to rebuild each one, but oy, the hours that would take… blegh.

Perhaps I will eventually finish the project since we’ll be moving the sectional to the basement someday-playroom, but I’m ready to have it out of the living room.

We’ve agreed to buy a new sofa sectional for the living room. My husband wants the exact same size and setup as the one we have now, but in leather. I want leather, fo sho, but I have dreams…

source: Room & Board is my favorite

Since we didn’t agree to spend $10k on a sectional, though, I’m adjusting my dreams to fit our budget… and my preference for classic, vintage styles. I think I might be able to convince myself (and thus, my husband) to spend a bit more for something that will last a good, long time, but not by $7k.

So… first, requirements:

Leather. Though I know microfiber gets good cred for being pet- and kid-friendly, around here, it sucks. Even though it’s washable, fur sticks to it and is a huge pain to remove, so our guests always leave with furry backsides. Ugh.

Big. Our living room is large and we like a lot of seating for when my peeps descend upon us.

Structured. I like tufting. Heart tufting, actually, and the frumpiness of the cushions on our current sectional drives me bonkers. So, bonus points for tufting and piping along the edges of the cushions, both of which also contribute to longevity.

Under $2k. I know, I know, YOU WISH (I so wish).

My husband wants a sectional (greatly, deeply desires another sectional) but I think I’m willing to go for a sofa if it gets me every requirement, so we’ll consider “sectional” to be a bonus requirement.


While this seems a little shady, Morgan at The Brick House ordered a custom-made (knock-off Knoll) sofa from this guy so I’m willing to consider it.

Picture this but in a three-seater and possibly in gray leather (though probably black).

So, like this, but in leather.


Since it’s not a sectional (and we’re saving some bucks), I’m thinking we could add seating with this beauteous puppy:

It’s not totally replacing the seating we currently have with our sectional, but oh, drool.

Note: yes, knock-off’s. Yes, I know. I KNOW. I have more heartburn about the womb chair than the “Knoll” sofa.  A tufted, square-ish sofa does not stealing make. The womb chair, though, is straight up a steal, yes.

So, that’s one option… more options coming soon….

Until then, though, what’s your position on knock-off furniture?


7 thoughts on “As usual, Indecisive Me reigns

  1. Considering I’ve knocked off about 75% of the furniture in my house… I’m A-OK with it! But I’m also not the type to get bent out of shape if someone uses my design as a jumping off point either. Have you thought about just getting the cushions professionally upholstered? I love our couch. It’s got a leather base, and detachable ultrasuede cushions with pillows on the back. Makes it comfy and super easy to clean. Plus it’s easy to switch out the pillows when I get bored 😉

  2. My position on knock-off furniture is that I’ve honestly never thought of it. My main concerns are the quality of the materials and the quality of the construction (after the quantity of the dollars I will have to spend on it and if I have them in the bank), so I don’t really care if it mimics a brand name if it’s still a quality item.

  3. Hi. I’ve never commented before, but I like your blog. I follow you on Twitter, and tonight, a tweet from you saying “I think I’m changing my blog theme” with a link was posted. For the past few days, your site has looked a little odd on my computer (format different without top images downloading), so I clicked the link not even thinking it might not be you. It downloaded a file into my downloads. I deleted the file, but I’m nervous about what it might have been. Was that you or were you hacked?

  4. Oh, I can’t wait to see what you end up getting. I’m looking for the exact, same sofa for the exact, same reasons. I found the look I wanted in the Ikea Karlstad (black leather sectional w/silver legs). But, at the age of 45, I think I deserve a grown-up, long-lasting couch. I would also like something a little larger than the Karlstad because our living room is HUGE.

  5. I’m with Amber. Would I like the real deal? Sure. Do I have the money for that? No. One day (hopefully) we’ll replace our fakes but for now they work well.

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