Keeping up with the (baby) Joneses

First, a blog update: I have been messing with my template, but true to form, I just jump in and muck with it until I get frustrated and put my old template back. If you have noticed things looking weird, that’s why. I also (finally) cleaned up my categories so they make some kind of sense (I hope).


I admit it: I got caught up in the competitiveness comparing watching noticing what other people’s kids are doing. I tried not to, but along with the awesomeness of having a really good extended mama friend network is the visibility I get to what their kids are doing and when.


Before I knew it, I caught myself rooting for my poor kid to crawl or clap or roll or whatever even though it wasn’t his thing. I spent a week putting the guy on the floor and trying to inspire him to crawl… not a bad thing, generally, but the reason I was doing it was because “the other kids are doing it!”

Not good.

So, back to following my kid’s cues. He’s clingy lately so we’ve been hanging out together a lot until that phase passes. He still wants to explore but would like me within arm’s reach while he does so. I’m good with that.


I remain utterly convinced of my son’s expertise in when and how to grow. Sure, he needs me to help him, but he doesn’t need me to point him in the right direction, if that makes any sense.

Put another way, he is the world’s foremost expert at being himself.


That said, dude’s body is writing checks his balance can’t cash. He’s taken to pulling himself up on my body (like I’m a human jungle gym) until he’s standing with his hands in mine and then trying to let go.  Oy.


Mom, I don’t know what this grass stuff is but I will touch it with as little of my body as possible!

Crazy guy.


4 thoughts on “Keeping up with the (baby) Joneses

  1. It’s impossible to not at least notice and slightly compare, but I just continually have to remind myself that other people’s kids do not define my own … easier said than done. But I’m with you! Love Javi’s little baby pushups!

  2. It’s really easy to get caught up in the “baby competition”. I was shocked that Charlie started crawling so early. But true to form, she balances it out with other things. She’s 6 months and is nowhere near sleeping through the night. She doesn’t have the best digestion, and isn’t really a fan of eating solids yet. She barely ever giggles or laughs. Her baby boyfriend eats like a dump truck and laughs if you just look at him sideways! But, he’s not crawling yet. I think all babies, like you said, do things when they’re ready. It’s fun to see all the different skills and timelines babies work with!

  3. Your son is absolutely adorable! I feel you on keeping up with the Joneses, but I also try to stay grounded and remember that my girl will learn things when she’s good and ready.

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