Indecisive Me chooses furniture, part two

Part I

When I pause to consider, I note that our home is thisclose to being really nice. And not just the house itself, but the stuff inside, too.

In the years after my first marriage ended, I discovered my style: vintage, classic, mid-century… plus metal, clean lines, contrast.

In the past few years, I’ve discovered my favorite palette: bright white, muddy gray, navy blue, and wood, with touches of black and blue and green and happy. I love the wall color, which is also the color of our bedroom, am debating painting a wall in the living room too.

More on that later. I know you can’t wait.

So, furniture. As I write this, I’m snuggled up in the corner of our sectional, thinking my husband may be right to want another. I’ve been debating this guy:


Scary part: eBay. BUT as long as I pay with PayPal, I can use their resolution center if anything is amiss. I was quoted decent shipping terms and cost, so this is seeming the most likely option. It’s a bit smaller than our current sectional (but really, what isn’t, other than maybe a cruise ship or large whale) but hits every requirement, including price and doesn’t require me to convince my husband that style should trump sectional.

Have you ever ordered something big (and factory-direct) off eBay?

Update: I contacted someone who bought from this seller and left feedback on eBay to ask more questions. Has the item he ordered held up? Did it meet his expectations? Was the leather of acceptable thickness and quality? He just replied this morning that he is still happy with his purchase, so this choice gets a bump up in probability.


One thought on “Indecisive Me chooses furniture, part two

  1. Hey I think you were nice at your childhood and me too ha ha. I also like bright white and wood with touches of white and green. Anyway, I did not buy anything from eBay yet but one of my friends. I purchased some white wood furniture from an online furniture shop which provided me pretty good service. My husband also do that same as that of your husband. He frequently changes stores to buy something that I don’t like. I like to maintain a long term relationship with which I have a good purchasing experience. Don’t you think that I am right?

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