Five reasons you should be bathing with your infant

1. You get a regular bath/ shower. While many new parents complain about going days without a shower, we instead jockeyed to be the one that didn’t take a second (or third or fourth) dip that day. Are these the hot, relaxing experiences of our pre-baby days? Nah, but they’re more fun.

2. Your baby gets freedom to move unparalleled in an infant’s world. Since you’re in the bath with him, you can keep him safe while letting him roll like an otter, kick like a frog, float like a… I’m out of good comparisons. Regardless, I noticed really early on (6 weeks, maybe) that my son was joyfully free to move and roll. Now, at six months plus, he splashes and swims and bounces, all safely protected by my various limbs, sometimes all at once.

3. You won’t be tempted to turn or walk away even for just a second. The temptation is really strong, I was surprised to find. I just need to get the lotion so he doesn’t have to wait on me. Shoot, I forgot to grab the good towel. Oh, man, if I put socks on him in here, he won’t get so cold. If I’m in the tub or shower with him, I can’t. We make do without the right towel or new body wash, staying safe all the while.

4. You don’t miss a thing. I was watching and laughing when my kid first tried sipping out of the shower stream. I saw his physical progress as he went from batting at a bath toy to picking it up one-handed, turning it over and around and then chewing on it. I quickly see the start of a diaper rash, scratch mark from too-long toe nails, that his skin is getting a little dry from trying to crawl.

5. It’s so fun! Once my husband realized what a blast we were having, he wanted in on the action, so he does the nightly shower now. While I’m prepping for bedtime, I hear cackles and maniacal laughing every night. Apparently turning the shower on and off is the funniest thing! We play with his tugboat and the “crazy waterfall.” We do bath Mohawks and splash until the bathroom is soaked. We have so much fun.


6 thoughts on “Five reasons you should be bathing with your infant

  1. This is something I’ve never tried… great ideas! Finn hates the shower spray but maybe I’ll try the bath.
    (I never have the urge to walk away even for a second though because if I do I get that creepy scene from the Joy Luck Club movie with the baby in the bathtub popping into my head eeeeeeek!)

    • @E @ Oh! Apostrophe, I’m equally freaked out by the idea, so I barely even take my eyes off him… which makes bathing with him even more relaxing because I’m not laser focused on him lest I somehow drown him accidentally in half a second. đŸ™‚

  2. I was inspired by your original bath post so the Hubs and I fight to bathe with the Bug. It’s an awesome experience and I love to see the smile and giggles he gets from being free in the water.

  3. Yes! I noticed my baby wasn’t into her little tub, but once I got in with her: TOTAL FUN. A light-up rubber duckie is her new favorite thing in the world.

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