Indecisive Me and furniture, part III (the interactive edition)

Part I: our needs

Part II: one option

When we last left our hero, she was lost in the internets looking for the ideal sectional to replace her frumpy one: leather, tufted, less than $2k, and of a decent size.

After much discussion, Joey and I really like this guy (to which I am still not linking until we buy the darned thing):

Leather, check. Tufted, check. Good reviews, check. Big, half-check.

Though it’s pretty big, we will have lost some seating as compared to our current behemoth, which I don’t mind but Joey worries about. (My family tends to descend upon us in full force.) We have a vintage Eames lounger but it’s too awkward for the living room, so we’re at a loss for what else to use to supplement seating.

This is my current favorite, though I am concerned about looking like the 1950’s puked all over our living room:


Our other concern is that the cats will be thrilled with their new cat bed and we will now have both butt and backs covered in fur if we deign to sit there.

We thought about a pair of Bertoia lounge chairs but again, a little awkward given our living room setup:


I am in love with the full cover option:


My favorite option is a womb chair, but the fur, the fur!


Oooh, but in green!



Okay, enough eye candy. Like I said, my worry is that our living room will look a little too contrived but I’m struggling not to go all-in here, ya know? I think we need something round or soft to balance the angular black leather sectional, and we like bright, happy things around here.

Damn cats. Bummer I love them so much.


What do you think? Get the sectional and wait on additional seating (this is my vote). Choose one of the myriad options to save on shipping costs? If you’re interested, I’ll draw up a quick little floor plan so you can see why we think some of those options are too awkward for our space.





3 thoughts on “Indecisive Me and furniture, part III (the interactive edition)

  1. Hey these are really awesome! I have read your furniture part 2 and now go through part 3 which is really updated with more amazing furniture items. Recently I have purchased some white lounge furniture from a white furniture shop. But here I am in love with the white and red color chair. Thanks for sharing.

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