Furniture and other house things

First, a few asides.

1. I have been sitting on some thoughts for a while because they are political. To be clear, they’re not political in the “here’s why you’re wrong and I’m right and you should be like me,” kind of political thoughts, more like I feel I’m missing something in the thought processes of people with whom I don’t agree. I listen to conservative talk radio for that reason, to figure out what I might be missing. Yet, I’m still missing something. I like to think that smart people can have intelligent discussions about topics like healthcare without descending into pissiness, but I’m chicken! So, I’m thinking about creating a separate sub-site (much like I did with Pregnant Me) for those topics so you can choose to read or ignore. Any objections? Does anyone prefer to keep blogs like this separate from the rest?

2. I have a few marriage-related posts percolating too, (yet another) one about resentment and some thoughts about how mamas aren’t daddies and yet I fail to revel in that difference. I’ve gone away from the thoughtful posts from my Not Quite Betty Crocker days and I’m wanting to head back in that direction (plus, I need to work some things through and you guys can help).

3. Anyone interested in details of how we keep the nursery organized? I once took pictures of every drawer in his dresser because in the moment, it seemed like something others might find interesting, but now I’m not so sure. I think I would have been deeply interested when I was pregnant, but I’d like to confirm.


So, we ordered furniture. Lots o’ furniture. Furniture that today will (finally) begin it’s journey from the west coast to us. My family was there this past weekend and it would have been nice to have said furniture in our house by then, but it seems unlikely. Bummer.

My husband has been obsessed with watching Hoarders, leading to good discussions about our respective tendencies and good strides in keeping our house cleaner. Coupled with our kid suddenly deciding the effort to crawl is worth the outcome (hoo, boy, such awesomely messy outcomes!), we’ve been pretty darned good about keeping this place clean.

I am, however, feeling constantly nagged and finding myself thinking, “it just seems unfair” more often than a non-14 year old girl should, so you’ll be hearing more about that later.

Now, of course, I’m thinking about all of the supporting pieces that need to be changed up: a non-black coffee table, (maybe) rug, change in wall color (just on the one accent wall), etc. We should move the bouncing monstrosity out of the living room, too.

Speaking of the monstrosity (clearly this is a brain dump post, eh?), my husband and I have a difference of opinions on kid stuff in the public spaces. I say, Javi is a third of the human population here and our living spaces should reflect that. We don’t try to hide the fact that dogs live here, in fact, we have a huge dog bed eating up tons of space in one corner of the living room. Why shouldn’t Jav get to keep stuff in the family living room?

Joey thinks that having toys and kid paraphernalia (blankets and pillows, mostly) makes us look messy. I believe Hoarders has scarred him with visions of broken down toys littering the whole house, but ours are pretty well-contained in bins when they’re not in use. We’ve compromised on rug options, agreeing that if we put one in the living room, it shouldn’t be a kids rug. I’m currently leaning toward an indoor/ outdoor rug. Plush and inviting? Not really, but you can take them outside and hose them down, people. This is my kind of rug!

My mom’s in town for one last day, so once the kiddo wakes up, we’re going on an adventure to Target. Yea! (Best thing about a seventh-month old is that he thinks places like Walmart and Target are AWESOME.)


Last thing in this brain dump post: anyone have a link to a simple tutorial for all the adjustments that need to happen when you put a fill flash on your DSLR? I’m thinking it should be simple, but I can’t find a simple list, like a) add (negative) compensation of somewhere around -1.0, b) blah, blah, blah. I also can’t figure out how to override the limitation of 1/200th maximum shutter speed. Gracias in advance.


5 thoughts on “Furniture and other house things

  1. I don’t mind reading political thoughts, as long as they’re not strident (and it doesn’t sound like yours are). I am looking forward to your marriage-related posts, because the difference between my husband and I when it comes to parenting occurs to me every day.

    About the toys/baby stuff…I tend to agree with your husband. My daughter has her own room to put things in, so I try to keep baby stuff to a minimum elsewhere. She has one toy box in the living room, a high chair at the dining table, and that is it. (Though during the day it looks quite different, as she is walking and leaves her toys/books/objects everywhere). The big plastic toys are too ugly and bulky (exersaucers etc.) so she doesn’t have any. Honestly she doesn’t like her toys that much anyway; she’s much happier playing with a colander or my purse.

  2. I’m with you. Especially when it comes to the big stuff. We have a Baby Einsteins jumper that’s invaluable because it grants me bathroom time outside of the nap window. It’s too much of a pain to transport all over the house, so I stick it in a corner of the living room where we hang out all day. Have you considered a storage type of coffee table to help wrangle the blankets and small toys? I just built Ana White’s Tidy Up Table, and looooooove it. LOVE IT! I could say it 50 more times. The trundle rolls out and I can stash all her toys, some baby books (including ones for mama) and a half dozen large quilts in there. I know you’re going for a more modern look with your furniture, but maybe there’s a sleek trundle table option out there?

  3. I generally enjoy reading political posts (and if I’m not enjoying it, I’ll usually stop reading!), so I would very much like to hear what you have to say. I should note that I also generally stay away from much political talk on my own blog, but after my head exploded last week, I couldn’t help myself. And I’m really glad I wrote all of that down, so there’s that.

    Also, with respect to baby stuff, I don’t have a baby so I can’t say for sure, but I’ll likely lean toward you, mainly because I can’t imagine wanting to pack up everything every night and get it out again the next morning. That said, I do like the idea of baskets and bins to put stuff in so toys aren’t out everywhere (like how my dog has a toy basket).

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