Oh, right, transitions are tough

This week my baby moved up from Infant A (1st six months) to Infant B (six months +) at daycare and I was reminded just how hard change can be. By the time the transition happened, I’d known for a while, so I was really looking forward to it, but I’d somehow neglected to be sensitive to the fact that nobody had told my son.

Granted, he’s seven months old, so even if we had….

The new classroom is set up more appropriately for a crawler/ climber/ walk-along-things-er like Javi is now. (Yea, last week he figured out how to crawl. This week dude is already trying to walk without assistance. There are many head bonks around these parts.) There are floor mats near things that might be used as standing apparatuses, cool toys and interesting corners, and a mini-slide. His new teacher is really sweet and willing to hang out on the floor with her kiddos and he gets to eat lunch and snacks (real food!) just like a big kid.

All good things, yes.

But other than home, Infant Room A was really the only other place he knew well. The first day going to room B felt like an adventure, but by the second, he was on to us and not so happy with this switcheroo we pulled. By day three, he went with candor as he cried out as Joey left him. Today, day four, he happened to spend the whole day back in Infant A and he was so, so happy.

You should have seen my kid’s smile and how he reached for Ms. Deena when he saw her in his old room. It was so sweet (and so sad)!

I was reminded that my initial reaction to the impending change was negative. “But he likes it here! But Ms. Deena and Ms. Joanna know him and love him! But, but, but….” With a few days passage and some time to think about the benefits, I was fully on board and rather impatient for the move.

My kid, though – nobody warned him! I should note that the daycare does a stellar job of transitions, always starting them out in their old class before sending them to the new class for a few hours. We complicated their brilliant plan by only really taking him for the afternoons, but they still tried.

And in the end, change – even for those of us who really love it – takes time for adjusting and finding our full enthusiasm. Even when you’re seven months old. In the meantime, we’ll be extra gentle and spend lots of time resting and snuggling with the people we love.


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