Allergies suck, baby edition

Gratuitous unrelated picture because nobody wants to see one of a snot-covered kid

So. Allergies. We live in one of the worst places in the country for allergy sufferers and apparently babies are not immune. My poor baby is either phlegmy and coughing or dripping snot, both gross, both miserable. Add to that his tendency toward breathing issues and we are in a grumpy, tense place.

For now, we’re doing scheduled breathing treatments and a lot of new games – the snot-sucker game (success: he waits patiently, then laughs), the coughing-spit up game (so-so: he doesn’t cry anymore at least), and (total failure so far) the wipe-your-nose game. I can’t figure out how to make that last one not suck since it seems a fair biological reaction to fight something covering your breathing apparatus but I’m still trying.

I ordered an air purifier, wipe down the animals when they come in from outside, and hose down my kiddo before every sleep time so he’s relatively free of allergens. I’m a Swiffering fool and am refusing to take allergy meds if he can’t, so I’m a picture of disgusting drainage too. Lovely.

Let’s hope this is enough to keep us out of the hospital. I’m open to any suggestions.


9 thoughts on “Allergies suck, baby edition

    • @Coasting anon, I know, I’ve read that too… but around here, the pollen is so thick you can taste it, and everything is blooming at once. My ped says that normally, babies aren’t susceptible until two, but around here, they respond just as if they inhaled large amounts of any other pollutant because the pollen is so thick. I guess it would be like if you were in a dust storm for a solid week – your eyes would smart, your lungs would ache, and you’d feel yucky.

  1. I hope you find some sort of a solution to the allergy problem – I know that here in TX they are already starting so early in the season that I might even have to get meds for the first time ever. Sounds like you are doing a great job of keeping everything as clean as possible for your little man! Sending lots of good thoughts your way for an easier allergy season!

  2. Living in Texas (as Stephanie said) we see similar issues. We went through this a couple of weeks ago and I think we are mostly on the other side of it now. We had a very similar course of action. Humidifier near her bed, trying to force her to sleep on her stomach (seemed to help with drainage of her nose), Nose Frida combined with saline spray, breathing treatments and a weekend of staying inside as much as possible (fortunately it rained!).

  3. We’re suffering too, albeit to a lesser extent. One thing that helps get the snot out is to both sit on the floor of a nice hot shower. Baby only gets overspray and puddle water so as not to get burned, you get a nice hot relaxing shoulder spray, and you both get tons of steam! It’s definitely a short-term solution, but it helps.

  4. I wish I had some help for you, but we’re in Kansas City, MO and (knock wood), no signs of allergies in our 18-month old yet. I am kind of dying to hear more about your snot-sucker game, though, as I’ve bought every gimmicky snot-sucker on the market with zero success. What’s your secret?

  5. Combine that with his age and the tendency for teething to produce snot šŸ™‚ (Though it’s more of a constant drip)

    Everyone is so impressed Warren can actually blow his nose (and has been able to for a LONG time)… but the sad part is the reality of WHY he can already blow his nose like a pro.

    My only suggestions are humidifier, saline solution, and I would even hold Warren close to a steaming teapot and ‘waft’ the steam towards him to help with the breathing. A good sneeze or two in the morning does wonders for clearing out all the gook – if you’re lucky. We also would put him to sleep in his carseat if he was REALLY bad with coughing.. and put a couple books under one side of his crib to elevate it if he was sleeping in the crib. Not sure if it worked or not but we also got a Vicks vapor plug in thing. You know – when the little one is feeling bad you do EVERYTHING and ANYTHING that may help.

  6. I have a 13 wk old that just survived his first week of daycare, and saturday morning woke up with a cough and nasal drainage. I chocked it up to the daycare crud but maybe it’s allergies? Our oaks are going crazy now and everything is yellow. Luckily he loves the bulb sucker and laughs everytime I try to suction him. A dose of infant Tylenol seems to help. I too thought allergies didn’t affect wee babies, but my hair stylist has a one-yr old that’s been on allergy meds for several months now. Momma said she has had bad allergies all her life, so she recognized the symptoms. But the allergy meds seriously would dry the poor guy out and it would make him very thirsty, causing him to wake several times a night, just because he was so thirsty. Poor guy.

  7. Im not trying to tell you what to do but to tell you what to do; solidarity is nice, but how is you suffering helping your son? Think of taking allergy medicine like putting your air mask on first on an airplane. You can’t help take care of someone else if you’re passed out from lack of oxygen.

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