The days are long but the weeks are short…

Full disclosure: I modified a quote from here.

In the early days of parenthood, each hour felt like an eternity. I had to force myself not to check the clock to avoid the disappointment I felt when only five minutes had passed. Even after meds, my son’s awake times were sooo sloooow.

Somewhere around his four month mark, life got back to normal speed. Hours felt like hours again, awake times or otherwise.

Now? Now, time is flying. Before I know it, the morning has passed and it’s time to ferry my child to daycare. In the blink of an eye, it’s late afternoon and the bulk of my meetings have been survived. I look up and it’s time to pick Javi up (yay!). I look up again and it’s bedtime. Then it’s 10pm and I can’t keep my eyes open, though I try to stay awake long enough to do something (even just watch TV) with my husband. Lights out, wash, rinse, repeat.

It was just Monday, wasn’t it? And now it’s Friday! I’ll spend my down time today thinking of fun weekend adventures, then the weekend will come and go and it’ll be Monday again. Rarely do I want things to slow down again – I love, love, LOVE this life – but sometimes, a pause button would be nice.

Ironically, I find myself even more impatient than before. I ordered furniture forever ago. It’ll finally be here Monday, and I can’t wait. There’s an ache inside me… I want it today! I bought a new sewing machine without a power cord and my husband agreed to make one for me once he gets past today’s exam. But I want it now! My unfinished projects sit abandoned, sewing machine(s!) stare forlornly.


Reminder: in April I will be choosing yes and pushing back the automatic no (more details in this post). Wanna join me?


Javi is just short of eight months old.


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