The disappointment of an acquisition

Our furniture finally arrived today after weeks and weeks of anticipation. Last night (or, more accurately, this morning at 4 am ahem) I couldn’t fall asleep again as I worried about being disappointed. I also worried about Joey being disappointed, since he followed my lead on spending all this dough on this specific furniture.

Do you do this? Get all worked up with anticipation over a thing, then find yourself disappointed at first? It usually passes for me as I become accustomed to the thing and find I made the right decision after all, but it’s uncomfortable.

Perhaps that’s what maturity is: knowing yourself well enough to ride the ups and downs of your experiences while being accepting of them.

So, pictures soon.  The new sectional is nice looking and well made, but it’s quite a bit smaller than our former one and not super comfy, though I have high hopes that it will wear in as we use it. While at first I didn’t like that the frame back is much lower than the cushion, I’ve now discovered our power cords can be stashed back there – score.


Annoying or not, I’m too impatient to schedule blog posts so prepare yourself for multiple posts per day followed by no posts. Oh, right, like it’s always been, fair point.


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