Ta da: the new sectional

I’m still getting used to the diminutive size of the new sectional as compared to the old behemoth, but after a morning of “OHMYGOD wrong decision!” regret, I’ve come around and like it now.  My husband and son and I lounged on it last night and I had one of those moments where you just want to freeze time because life is so good – clearly not because of the new sectional, but it has a few things that make that kind of scene more possible.


First, the size. Dude is very low to the ground, both in general and as compared to the old puffy dude. Bright side: it makes the ceilings seem higher (in such a large room, they feel awkwardly low) and are a bit safer for our little wannabe mountain climber to use to pull himself to standing.


Second, the firmness. We do expect it to get a little more comfy as we break it in, but it’s quite a bit more firm than our previous puffster. The good news is that with a few pillows, it’s lounge-able and the bonus is that Javi can move on it less dangerously.

(Note: WE HOVER OVER HIM VERY CLOSELY… but he does like to try to scale us as though we’re a mountain to be conquered. On this sofa he can stand and lick our faces more safely than before.)

Okay, let’s talk about the elephant: Good gawd, yes, we need some color and styling and such. Also, lighting. Eek. The tables were an old vintage find that have been living in the basement. I like them. The map (too high in this photo but more appropriately hung now) came back into the living room from the hallway. It’s a little bit Old People’s House-ish, but we like it.

The pillow is my attempt at making a really comfy bedroom pillow look less like a bedroom pillow. Clear fail. I’ve now moved two other pillows onto the couch but am planning to acquire more fabric soon.

Now comes the interactive part. Our curtains are green stripes (for now), we are putting the bertoia (lower case since it’s a repro) in the corner near the play area.



Question: focus walls in a different color, yay or nay? If yay, then here goes.

Option A: The wall behind the console is currently light blue but I think I’d like to paint it the same lovely gray we used in the nursery and our bedroom. The color is sort of like this:

Pillows would be a mix of textures in mostly neutrals with a bit of blue thrown in.

Option B: Blue focus wall. Yum. (Gawd, how I hate finding the right blue paint, but I’m willing to try again, I suppose.)

Pillows in various blues and a bit of red and yellow (or green).

Or, you know, a bit of both.


3 thoughts on “Ta da: the new sectional

  1. I love the new sectional! And the firmness may be better for your backs anyway, right? 🙂

    I am in love with gray for wall color. Which is probably why nearly every room in my home is painted gray 🙂 But I think it would look awesome.

  2. The sectional looks great! I also think blue focus wall would be great; maybe a slate blue so you get a little of blue and a little of grey.

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