Help a blogger out, home inspiration edition

In looking for some guidance in how to finish up our living room, I’m finding a dearth of inspiration photos in the style I’m shooting for, best described as “joyous.”

Know what I mean?

I want the room to make me smile like I do when I walk into Jav’s room. I want to notice the overall happiness rather than all the pieces and parts. I want to feel home, comfy but energized, settled but inspired. I want my eyes to have places to rest that have color and rhythm and symmetry.

I don’t want to care if fabric is meant for children if I love it. I don’t want to notice too much if the pillows caught some cat hair or my kid left his toy on the table. I don’t want to look at those damn curtains every day and silently note that they’re not quite right.

I’m looking for contrast and neutrals and bright spots of color; wood and modern and clean and livable; kid- and animal- and grown up- and joy-friendly.

Interior design inspiration is too restrained; “adult” living spaces too constrained. Kids rooms are sort of in the right direction but feel too frenzied or too fake.

So, help? If you have something that’s even halfway to the right road, hook a blogga up and post the link, pretty please? I will then pay the favor forward by compiling the photos into one honking post, and hell, I’ll even put them all on Pinterest.


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