In my perfect world…

Too often, I find myself limiting my hopes as I think of them. I don’t finish the thought before preempting it with “but that couldn’t happen anyway…” Sad.

My position on wishes versus dreams is this: wishes lead to resentment, dreams facilitate happiness. Or, as I put it more succinctly in this post, “Dreams are good; wishes are not.”

I am trying to follow my husband’s example, he of the big audacious (to me) dreams, so here goes…

In my perfect world, child care edition:

In my perfect world, my son would go to Montessori school in the morning and early afternoon, then come home for the remainder of the day to relax and hang out. I am determined to make sure he has opportunities to be around people, son of a social mama that he is. I am determined to make sure he has unscheduled free time at home, time to be creative and decompress and enjoy his home, son of an introspective mama that he is.

In my perfect world, my son would come home to a babysitter waiting for him with a snack and a few options for activities if he had some energy left. His sitter would speak to us all in Spanish, feel like part of the family, and feel as comfortable giving smoochies as giving guidance. She’d be part of our village — irrespective of the fact that we’d pay her — with the kind of relationship evidenced by her attendance at birthday parties of her very own volition.

In my perfect world, our sitter would do basic housecleaning including shooing the dogs outside (or inside) and running the dishwasher plus a quick run of the Swiffer or wipe of a surface.

In my perfect world, she’d have the choice to use the basement apartment. We’d have finally gotten around to dealing with the basement kitchen and a minor reno of the basement bathroom, plus improving the lighting and general creepiness of the basement apartment. She’d watch Javi through bedtime one day a week so Joey could go mountain biking.

In my perfect world, she’d be willing to petsit if we traveled.

In my perfect world, she’d consider keeping Javi with her if he was sick.

In my perfect world….


I’m going to have to work on this big dream thing. Already I’m amazed at how difficult that was to write, just that little dream of a dream.


2 thoughts on “In my perfect world…

  1. It really is a shame you’re not in Austin. Not only could we hang out, but my best friend is bilingual, loves kids and pets, and would live cheap rent while she gets her masters degree. Even though you’re far away, I just wanted to encourage you that a person who fits your requirements exists, so maybe there’s someone like that in your area! 🙂

  2. In my perfect world I’d be at home or working from home part time! But I like your option as well. We’re currently trying to find someone to take care of my daughter in our home and we’re having a heck of a time! Good luck to you and stick with this dream!

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