I am a change addict; my kid, not so much

I tried to put my baby down for his morning nap on a floor bed today, and it was a total fail. (It makes me laugh.) I’d been thinking that I’d like him to have the option to get up and play when he wakes up before we do in the morning. We give him pretty free reign at other times of the day, so why not when he wakes up?

I was pretty much finished with slowly rearranging his room so it’s safe for him. To transition slowly (or so I thought), I put his mattress on the floor exactly where his crib had been and picked the “easy” (or so I thought) morning naptime.

{Here’s where I always forget to remind myself that adjusting to change is a learned behavior and often much harder than we expect.}

Poor Javi. Yesterday was his first time with a babysitter here at home (with both parents in the house but stuck doing other things, no less) and today I switched things up again. He was thrilled at first, climbing all over the mattress and trying to eat the pillow (he loves pillows), but soon we both realized that he has no concept of edges.


First he tried to sit on the edge of the mattress and toppled over backwards onto the floor. Mom fail. I brought pillows from the bedroom and put them around the edges, but he was already freaked out. We played in other parts of the room and things seemed back to normal except for the dirty looks he kept shooting the mattress.

Then I tried to rock him to sleep (as per usual) and apparently not seeing the crib over my shoulder was freaky. I didn’t expect this at all given how often we move the glider around the room; you’d think he’d be used to seeing (or not seeing) different things in his peripheral vision. Nope. Lack-o’-crib was a total mind blower.

After some songs and rocking and his usual flopping around (which always means: put me down I wanna sleep already!), I laid him on the mattress. Remember, same exact spot as his crib…

… but lower, and boy, that little bit of vertical craziness was just not okay. Poor kid flopped and wiggled and reached out for me, so I laid down with him (kinda) and that was just way too much weirdness oh my GAWD MOM.

More rocking, then I realized this was kinda stupid. I don’t actually need him to sleep on a floor bed, even if I do want him to get used to it before Montessori school in the fall. Somehow I continue to fail to learn that it’s okay to transition when it’s time rather than trying to pre-transition way ahead of time.

Back went the crib, in went the mattress, out went the pillows and down went my kiddo. Sure, he did some fussy flopping around for about 5 minutes (takes a while to come down from that kind of nutso extravaganza, ya know) but he’s down now.


3 thoughts on “I am a change addict; my kid, not so much

  1. Ugh I wish I wouldn’t have read this post… We’re hoping to transition to a floor bed in the next month or so… I’d rather continuing to think my happy thoughts and hopes that it will go well..

  2. First day home with a babysitter? Does that mean you have given up on daycare? Forgive me, I have never commented before, but I love your blog and your views seems to echo my own while also giving me ideas to mull over. My daughter is 8 months and we just started her at daycare part time this week, right in time for you to have doubts – ha! I am just curious if you are now keeping your son at home with a caregiver instead of having him go to daycare and how you ultimately reached your decision. Thanks! (also thanks for your honesty about PPD, I too had it and it was your post in part that helped me reach out).

  3. 🙂 Fun story. Well maybe not fun for you – but all us moms can relate.

    Luckily Roo got used to the ‘mat napping’ at daycare. I recently ‘tried’ transitioning him to the big boy bed and surprisingly it has been a success. Granted he’s used to napping on a mat so he’s not ALWAYS in a crib. He had been pacifier-less for a week or so (I figure 1 transition a week 🙂 ha!) – and I gave that back to him for the bed because it helps him transition into the ‘calm’ sleepiness. (I’m not stressing about any of these transitions, it’s a give and take :)) Worked great for his nap. So at nighttime I asked him which he wanted crib or bed (they are both in his room) and he picked bed. He’s been in there every night except 1 since. Some nights he asks for the paci, some nights he doesn’t. Maybe he was just ready. Or maybe he just thinks it’s ‘cool’ cause it’s a bunk bed 🙂

    Maybe you can have a mat in his room for a couple days to get familiar with. So he sees it, plays on it, is comfortable with it. Then give him the option to stay there for a nap when he’s ready? (The bed had been in Warren’s room for about a month before we actually ‘used’ it for a nap)

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